Amanda Cerny Diet & Fitness Secret Revealed

Amanda Cerny is well known by many people as a good poster model, FitChick and a prominent actress. Amanda Cerny was born in Pennsylvania, United States in 1991.

Amanda Cerny is a popularly known fitness expert and Youtube personality who has a huge online following

The Question is How She Maintains such a Beautiful and Attractive Figure? Which Diet she follows, What’s her favorite workouts?

She was a successful model in early stages of her career. She has appeared in several published photo-shoots such as health and wellness magazine, playboy etc.

She likes helping the needy people in the society and has even established play foundation to offer emergency services to the children in need.

She looks really beautiful because of her Awesome Diet. More so, Amanda Cerny is a STRICT VEGAN and obviously, she loves eating plants.

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Diet-Handbook-small1[1]She eats some fruits in the morning before proceeding for the day’s activities but she mostly eats vegetables.

Interestingly, Amanda Cerny gets most of her protein from plant protein as well as nuts. In fact, most scientists recommend people to regularly take nuts because it is a great source of fats but remember too much of something is poisonous, so don’t overdo it since nuts are rich in high calories.

Cerny is normally healthy because she regulates her soy intake, takes a lot beans and obtains a right amount of fiber in her overall diet.

In addition, Cerny maintains an awesome figure without taking any supplements as well as processed food.

She also goes for blood tests after every four months and makes sure she checks all nutritional levels.

She came up with five simple rules for properly eating a banana which enables you enjoy and get all the nutrients.

She went over the advantages and disadvantages of these banana rules in her newest you tube video which you may watch to know more.

But, the most famous rule in this case is that: never maintain a eye contact while eating a banana. This fantastic video has received approximately 1,107, 242 views on you tube.

Amanda Cerny Workout

Amanda is a famous playboy model as well as a play star. She is also among the sexiest women in the global today. She loves staying health and a great fun of working out.

She properly understands how to pump iron.

She also does a lot exercise. She is also a great fan of boxing because she has a hard and compact body like a rock. She also loves outdoors and she has been spotted most of the time staying on the edge of a huge rock.

Generally, Amanda really understands how to have fun and the benefits of having fun at least once in a time in your life time. In fact, she came up with a new game known as mountain blowing.

Amanda has excelled the act of posting her workout gym selfies. She may even tan with you in the beach.

Most of her friends say Amanda cerny is self-motivated lady because even if she is injured, she can still go for her gym and encourages people not to give up in whatever they intend to accomplish.

She loves sports and a super master in yoga. she said on her website that she likes doing cardio every day of the week. “some days I run five miles and other days I will do the stair master or some high intensity interval training”

She Practices Yoga

Amanda Cerny can excellently do yoga in a class which is boarded by walls. When she does, she shows off her booty and everyone could see it. She also exposes her awesome curves. These forms of yoga have really assisted him maintain high level of fitness and awesome shape.

Therefore, for you to have a great figure like Amanda cerny, try eating what she eats and also have several planned workouts. She normally advises us to maintain our shapes so that we can look desirable in the eyes of other people.

Amanda Cerny Fitness Secrets!

Amanda cerny maintains her fitness by doing high intensity training on regular basis. She also does hig intensity reps integrated with small amount of low intensity.

In this case, she burns more calories within a short period of time. In fact, Amanda cerny recognizes this as the most effective way of working out because she has really demanding calendar of events. She also believes that her eating style alongside vigorous exercise regime has enabled her to have a desirable figure. She shares fitness tips in her video.

She spends much of her time in a gym. This mainly explains why she maintains a toned and beautiful body. She does cardio on daily basis alongside other fitness activities.

To be honest, She loves things which can increase her adrenaline. In fact, when she was eighteen years old, she went for skydiving, bungee jumping and deep-sea diving.

She loves traveling a lot. She has gone for a trip in Europe. She has also visited many countries around the globe such as India, Morocco, Dominican Republic and so many others.

The Vegan Lifestyle

Amanda Cerny is a strict vegan. This has made her to be principled in what she does. You can’t influence her to do what she doesn’t like.

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The whole package of Amanda Cerny is that, she is beautiful in shape, willing to help others, hilarious and she doesn’t care if she wants to show her true colors. In fact, her vegan diet has never hurt her figure in any way.

She only shops in the grocery stores and does not eat any processed foods. She is a true vegetarian. As a vegan, she loves fruits and vegetables. Read this to know more on Healthy Eating as Vegan.

Maintains Abs

She puts a lot of effort to maintain her healthy body and gain the killing abs. This is one of the most unique things that people should know about Amanda Cerny.


She is frequently photographed in almost no clothes. One can easily see from her abs that she is not a stranger in the gym. Also, her vegan diet doesn’t hurt her shape.

Therefore, from boxing, to sprints, to jump ropes, to ab workouts, to weights, Amanda Cerny keeps herself busy always.

Bottom Line

Achieving attractive figure isn’t that easy nor impossible. Just need the dedication and proper guideline.

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