Are Treadmill HIIT Workouts Effective?

Are Treadmill HIIT Workouts Effective

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most popular training trends in today’s fitness industry.

HIIT treadmill workouts can be brief and highly successful, in addition to being a good challenge (the words “high intensity” in the title reveal that).

History of HIIT

Cardiovascular or aerobic workouts like walking, running, cycling etc., can bring improvements in your health.

But, HIIT does the same within less time. Don’t think it’s a new form of exercises because some athletes were using these techniques since 1912.

For instance, a racer practised HIIT by running fast for 300 meters, followed by 45 seconds. The athlete repeated these two steps at least ten times.

So, similar routines were followed by runners at different training centres and tracks.

HIIT on a Treadmill

High-intensity interval training is best when you practice it outdoors.

You can see the marks of 100, 200, 300 on a running track.

So, you can easily enjoy a sprint for 200 meters and then recover for 30 seconds.

You can change the distance and resting period as per your fitness level. However, things are different on a treadmill because you cannot run the accurate distance on it.

The distance counter on a treadmill will move fast, and you will not understand when you crossed the mark.

Plus, you have to standby for the tread belt to reach the desired speed every time you start a regime.

So, it will be best if you wait till the speed counter shows favourable numbers.

In other words, you need to perform the sprints based on time instead of distance. You will get used to these routines quickly because you have to choose the speed.

Still, you will be forced to maintain a similar pace for the whole running session, which results in better calorie loss.

There are many variations of HIIT that you can practice on a treadmill.

You can attempt short or long sprints and slight or extended recovery jog as per your fitness level. The total time spent upon HIIT can be anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes.

Practice depending upon your abilities, but keep in mind that a HIIT should include sprints for a few minutes or seconds, then some recovery time and then high speed running once again.

Sample HIIT Treadmill Workout for Fat Burning

  • Spent 5 minutes running at 9.5 km/h.
  • Sprint for 30 seconds at a speed of 18km/h.
  • Jog for 30 seconds at 13km/h. Repeat all the previous steps ten times.
  • Cooldown your body by jogging at 9.5 km/h for 5 minutes.

The speed used in the workout is only a recommendation. You can change them according to your fitness level. Make sure that your heart rate is working at 90 per cent of its maximum.

You can easily cover the first 4 or 5 sprints without any hassles.

But, it might get tricky for beginners. However, keep pushing your body limits to achieve more. You can also hang on the treadmill side rails when the speed is changing.

Everything depends upon you.

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How HIIT Works

Cardio exercises use your slow-twitch muscles fibres that improve your endurance and stamina.

But, when you practice high-intensity interval training like sprints, the fast-twitch muscles come into action.

While performing HIIT, your heart rate also elevates for few minutes, even when you are jogging to recover. Hence, your body will build new muscles during the recovery time.

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Benefits of HIIT on the Treadmill

Makes your workout Challenging:

Sometimes, the treadmill workouts to increase speed and endurance becomes boring.

It’s easy to understand because you are walking, jogging or running at the same rate every day without any variations. But, it will help if you shake your workout to bring out the best results.

Following the same workout pattern, every day will make your muscles “used to” with your routine.

If you introduce challenging HIIT in the daily workout, then the muscles will work harder and you will see better results.

Cardiovascular Benefits:

If you want to improve your cardiovascular system, then HIIT is an efficient and less time-taking way.

You will reap multiple benefits by practising such routines regularly. According to the studies, an eight week HIIT training program can improve cardiovascular conditions in individuals dealing with health troubles like obesity, diabetes, asthma and cardiac arrest.

HIIT also provides a better improvement on adults suffering from high blood pressure when compared to other aerobic exercises.

It means you can maintain the blood pressure simply by including a high-intensity workout in your program.

Fat loss: HIIT routines are better for weight loss because they can burn calories more efficiently.

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Can you program a treadmill for intervals?

Interval training is efficient because it leaves your body guessing about the following physical activity. It means you will never get adapted to a particular exercising routine. And yes, you can use a treadmill for interval training.

How long should a HIIT treadmill workout be?

When practising the HIIT routine, you need to run at high speed and then recover your body for 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

The recovery time should depend on the level of your workout program. Also, you need to invest some time for a warm-up and cool down your body. So, the duration of a HIIT treadmill workout should be 30 to 60 minutes every day.

Is interval training on a treadmill good?

Treadmill interval training is one of the best if you want to lose weight, improve your cardiovascular system, and strengthen your muscles. These exercises develop your core muscles, which is helpful if you wish to tone your body or build muscles.

Final talk

The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on a treadmill is very advantageous for your body, but you should not use it to replace anything you are already doing.

For instance, do not remove the long-running workouts you are practising to build speed and endurance.

You should include HIIT in your workout schedule to make it less boring. Such exercises are suitable when the weather is terrible, or you don’t have any running track in the neighbourhood.

Practice HIIT 3 times a week. Do not attempt such exercises if you are a beginner. These workouts can be very rude to your body if it’s prepared. However, give it a try if you are an experienced user.