Are Treadmill Safety Keys Universal?

Treadmills are some of the best workout equipment for your home or gym. With fixed schedules, individuals are turning to exercise at home.

Although that offers convenience, the high speeds make using treadmills risky. That is where treadmill safety keys come in. Your treadmill will have a key for safety reasons.

For instance, for an emergency stop, you only need to remove the safety key.

Are Treadmill Safety Keys Universal?

Although underused, treadmill keys are an essential component of your workout equipment. For example, they may prevent your children from injuries if they utilize the machine while you are not around.

As a user, you will also be safe from injuries such as friction burns. Unfortunately, these keys are fragile, and you can easily lose them. You will probably need a new key to operate your treadmill.

The first thing you need to know is that treadmill safety keys are not expensive. As much you will encounter several YouTube videos and online articles directing you to make your key, purchasing one is the best option.

They are not that universal, given the few types of safety keys available. The best thing is to find one that is compatible with your treadmill. Although almost all of them are magnetic, not all will work with your treadmill equipment. It is the magnetic part that completes the circuit for your machine to function.

Most treadmills use a magnet to function. However, some of them will have key slots, thus making them not universal. Other treadmill machines have a metal disc where you will insert the key. The best thing about the metal disc option is that they work with a wide range of treadmill types.

The Best Treadmill Keys

The best thing about this modern world is that you can find multiple types when you need any product. However, you have to pick the top brands when looking for a safety key for your treadmill. Here are some of the options worth your attention.

  • Weslo and Proform Treadmills Safety Key

This treadmill key by KOVE manufactures has features designed for convenience. For instance, the key has a standard size, 1 inch, which is suitable for many treadmill models. One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a rounded magnetic safety key.

The manufacturer designed a safety key that best fits Welso and Proform treadmills: sticker numbers 119039 and 119039. However, some users suggest that the keys can work with multiple treadmill models. The simple designs make the key user-friendly. There is nothing to worry about since you have a 30-day warranty to familiarize yourself with the equipment.

  • Circular Magnetic Treadmill Key

You can replace your lost safety key using this one by Doctor Treadmill. Apart from getting it from a trusted manufacturer, the key will work with many treadmill brands. This round magnetic key can fit Proform, Epic, FreeMotion, Rebook, Healthrider, Image, and most Nordic Track equipment. You may enjoy this lightweight safety key that works perfectly.

Why You Require a Treadmill Safety Key

Now that you have a clear picture of what a treadmill key is, do you think you need one? Many situations will necessitate owning the safety key. Some scenarios include:

You require a treadmill key for the safety of your children at your house. You undoubtedly understand that treadmill machines can be dangerous when miss-handled.

Keep your key in a secure place, away from your kids, to prevent damages. Make sure to unplug the key from your machine after every workout session.

Treadmill keys make a vital feature when your machine is operating at a higher speed. You can lose balance with ease in such a case. For that reason, the safety key will help you with an emergency stoppage.

Keep in mind that slowing down a running treadmill can take some time. In such instances, you can choose to pull out the safety key or wait for it to come out automatically if you are past the usual machine operation.

Jogging or running on treadmills differs from running outdoors. You have to focus more since there is nothing like friction. Also, you will be in the same place for their entire exercise. You may injure yourself in case of any distraction or attention lapse.

The treadmill key ensures safety even when you are not attentive with your workout.

Can a Treadmill Work without a Safety Key

You can hardly find a treadmill capable of operating without a safety key. The whole idea behind these keys is to equip treadmills with an emergency stop feature. Once you remove the key, your machine will instantly cease to operate.

Unfortunately, most individuals lose their unit’s safety keys. To counter that, you will find multiple safety keys for replacement purposes. However, can a treadmill operate without a safety key? Although this is possible, you will tamper with the wiring of your machine.

The best thing is that you can find a professional to mend your equipment after interfering with the cabling.

Bottom Line

From the above information, you now have a better know-how of treadmill safety keys and their use. You will not have to worry about injuries with this essential feature.

The worst thing is that you can lose your treadmill key with ease.

However, you can find multiple options in the market to replace your lost safety key. You have to select the best treadmill key suitable for your equipment.

Though they are not universal, most safety keys are compatible with multiple treadmill brands.

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