Are Treadmills Bad For Your Back?

All the physical activities, sports and exercises involve some risks. It’s the reason we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a workout program or including something new to your schedule.

Treadmills are one of the best fitness tools for aerobic exercises. Such a tool makes more negligible impacts on your back.

Sometimes treadmill workout is helpful to relieve back pain. But can it cause back pain?

Why a Treadmill Causes Back Pain And How to Avoid?

First, we will discuss the reasons that can cause back pain. The treadmill cannot make faults itself, right? So, there are things you should know so that you can work out without any pain.

Excess Workouts

The side effects of treadmill are only possible if you exercise more than your ability. It’s similar to a machine; if you try to ride a car over its speed limit, then what can you expect?

Over-exercising is possible if you are working out from your residence. So, you need to make a proper routine and follow it. It will keep you safe from any back pains. If you want to be confident, healthy and successful in your life, try to do the best with your body.

Poor Technique

Running in a bad posture is another factor that causes back pain. You can run in multiple methods. Don’t get surprised; it’s true. However, you should maintain a proper form and technique to minimize any risks.

Run-on a treadmill like you are running outdoors. Do not slouch or hold the handrails. Keep your body straight and concentrate on your movements. Your foot should make the first contact with the treadmill, so apply the force towards your legs and follow the actions. Do not apply extra pressure on your back or neck while walking, jogging or running.

Unnatural form

If you are using incline on a treadmill, then do not run on it for prolonged durations. Mimic the terrains you will generally follow outdoors.

How to avoid back pain?

Now you know why a treadmill causes back pain. The next step is to understand how you can avoid these things. Everything becomes easy if you know how to work out on a treadmill. So, follow the given points and enjoy the most of your exercising sessions.

Wear proper shoes

The primary step is to wear running shoes. You can find a lot of options, but choose what suits your requirements. Most of the treadmills available nowadays come with high-quality cushion. Still, it would be best to have a proper sports shoe, which can reduce the impacts even further.

Maintained treadmill

The next point is also easy to understand. Make sure that the running machine is in good shape and all its shock absorbers are functional. Proper cushioning protects all your body parts, including ankles, back and neck. So, check the comfort level before you invest in a treadmill and keep it maintained.

Proper technique

Walk, jog or run in the proper posture. Do not slam your feet or try to run too fast initially. Running while leaning forward or backward is not good. Keep your body upwards to enjoy the best results that also without any pain.

Recovery time

A lot of beginners underestimates this factor, but you should not. The recovery time plays a key role if we talk about your fitness levels and injuries. When you follow a strength training course, the recovery time could be up to 48 hours between the two workouts. But, the situation changes when you are only involved in aerobic exercises.

Take some breaks depending upon your workout schedule. Give some rest to your body after practising tough workouts like sprints or high-level intensity training (HIIT). However, you can walk every day without any breaks. So, find the right balance that suits your body and fitness level. Take one or two days off every week because none of the muscles will grow without recovery time.

Listen to your body

Understand your fitness level, especially if you are a beginner. A treadmill workout might hurt a lot if you start quickly without any warm-up and continue to run for a long time.

You will begin experiencing back pain and similar troubles soon after the workout if you don’t follow the correct process. Start slowly, spend some time to activate the muscles and then build up the speed or sprints.


Is treadmill bad for lower back pain?

Cardio exercises, including treadmill, prevent back pain and make your body strong to deal with future injuries. But, it’s only possible if you use the machine appropriately. As we discussed, you should maintain proper form and avoid excessive treadmills usage to be safe from back pain. Plus, you should drink lots of water and other fluids if you are working out regularly.

Can I run with lower back pain?

Running is a high impact activity, and hence, it can exert pressure on your back and worsen your pain. So, it would help if you avoid such activities until the backache goes away.

The Bottom Line

If you feel sharp back pain while working out on a treadmill, we suggest that you stop immediately and take medical assistance. Soreness in the lower body parts is common if you have not exercised for a long time, but back pain is uncommon. If you experience lower or upper back pain after treadmill exercises, contact your doctor.

Warm-up your body before all your workout sessions, especially if you are not physically active. Stretching prepares your body for heavy exercises. If you generally run, then jog for 5 minutes. On the other hand, you should walk for 5 minutes if you prefer jogging.

In the end, you should listen to your muscles, plan some recovery time, spent some time to loosen up, and you will get the best out of treadmill workouts.

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