At What Age Child Can Use Treadmill?

Can kids use a treadmill? No, they should not be present around a treadmill.

All the manufacturers suggest that none of the children should use running machines. Moreover, they should not even play around with such training equipment.

Things changes when your little master grows old. Then you can trust their abilities depending upon their maturity, behaviour and fitness level. You can allow a grown-up kid to try a treadmill, but supervision is essential.

However, you should be nearby, maybe in the next room.

We agree that a running machine helps your health, but it’s a powerful and heavy machine that can cause injuries if the user is not careful.

What Age Can a Child Start Exercising on a Treadmill?

Kids below 11 years of age

All children equal to or below 11 years of age should stay away from the treadmill. There are many cases wherein a running machine catches a kid’s fingers.

Sometimes, the injury causes the children to lose the fingers only because they went too close to the treadmill.

Young kids are curious about everything. They want to pick up things or put their fingers into any of the holes they see. Such activities might result in an unfortunate accident if a child is nearby fitness tools.

You can easily avoid such situations. Once you invest in a treadmill, the first step is to choose a safe place to install it. So, that none of your kids or pets can be in danger.

Kids between 12 to 13 years of age

Some of the kids can use the treadmill after 12 years of age. But, they should be supervised. It’s where your judgment comes into the picture. Can they handle the treadmill?

Do not think about what other kids are doing. Your child’s maturity can only decide whether they deserve to use the treadmill or not. Plus, the kids should be active or exercising previously for a better experience on running machines.

Even if you allow the kids to use the treadmill under supervision, you should unplug the device and remove its safety plug whenever you are not around.

In other words, you need to make sure none of your kids uses the treadmill in your absence. If you decide that your kids are not eligible for a treadmill, then do not allow them to use it.

There are many outdoor sports for their free time.

Kids more than 14 years of age

You can allow your kids to use a treadmill after 14 years of age. But, it would be best if you supervise their activities.

After spending 14 years on this earth, we think that a kid is intelligent enough to step up on a treadmill. Still, you need to confident that he or she is using it properly. So, stay in the same area where your champ is working out.

A treadmill is beneficial for youngsters, especially if they are overweight. It might happen if the children are not getting exercise at home and school.

Plus, the kids can gain extra weight if they are not playing outside. So, allow them to exercise on a treadmill under supervision.

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What Should be the Best Location of a Treadmill?

Choose the location before you assemble the treadmill. You might not be able to move a fully assembled running machine, especially If it’s not portable and foldable.

We suggest that you dedicate a room to the treadmill and other fitness tools. It’s better if you can lock the door when you are not using them.

If you are placing the treadmill in an open area, then unplug its power plug when you are not exercising.

Remove the safety key as well. Please hide the machine with a cover to make it less than an attraction. Teach your kids that a treadmill different from their toys.

Why Should Kids Stay Away from Treadmills?

Each year thousands of children aged between 5 to 14 years of age are injured due to treadmills, stair climbers and stationary bicycles. Twenty per cent of the injuries result in fractures and even amputations. Do you know the reasons? Let’s discuss them.

Movement: Imagine a 4-year old on the treadmill. Do you think he or she can handle the high speeds of the tread belt?

What can be the most obvious result? The kid can trip and fall while running.

There are chances that the young ones might insert their fingers between two moving parts or nearby the ends of a moving treadmill.

Such an action will most probably lead to lacerations, amputation and even fractures.

Power cable: Apart from the movable parts of a treadmill, its power cable also poses a threat to your loved ones. They might strangle themselves while playing with it. So, we suggest that you mount the cord and make sure that none of the kids can reach it.

For instance, you should use an electrical outlet that’s not easy to access for kids. Or secure the cable with ties so that none of the kids can skip it around their legs or neck.

Solution: Invest in a foldable treadmill if you have kids. Make sure that the machine has a safety key and take it out when you are not around. As we were discussing, it’s better if you keep the fitness tool in a locked room.


From which age treadmills are suitable for a child?

Almost all the treadmills come with a caution that kids below 12 years of age should not use them. Some of the models also mention that children and pet should stay away from the running machine for 10 feet. So, we suggest that you should allow them to use a running machine only after 12 years of age.

Is there a Treadmill for 10 year old kids?

As we discussed earlier, all kids equal to below 11 years of age should stay away from treadmills.

Can a 12 year old use a treadmill?

Yes, you can allow a 12-year kid to use the treadmill, but you should supervise him or her all the times.

How long should a 13 year old run on a treadmill?

Spending 20 to 30 minutes on a treadmill is fine for 13 year olds kids. Plus, they should participate in other physical activities as well. Differentiate the workout in 5 or 6 different parts, so that the kids don’t face any difficulties while completing their goals.

Bottom Line

A treadmill helps you and all your family members because it’s one of the best ways to enjoy aerobic workouts.

If your kid is overweight, then a running machine can be of great help. Please do not allow the children to use it if you are unsure about their behaviour and maturity. If they insist, then there are many treadmills for kids available in the market.

Most young kids will see you jogging and running on a treadmill and want to mimic the same. But, it would help if you do not allow them to do it.

An accident might make negative impacts on their lives. Do not let that happen. A treadmill is designed to offer benefits, not injuries. So, be careful if you have a treadmill and kids in your house.

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