Can I Place My Treadmill on Carpet?

Have you purchased a new treadmill recently?

Or maybe you are planning to invest in one and trying to find suitable models.

But have you decided on an ideal location to place the fitness machine? Will you put it on the carpet or any hard floor?

The workout surface is one of the primary factors to consider when are purchasing a treadmill.

Can You Put a Treadmill on Carpet?

It is the first decision you have to make. A treadmill works better on the hard floor, but you should place it according to your convenience, even if the ground is carpet covered.

Running machines are heavy and can weigh up to 400 pounds. So, a hard surface is perfect for its location and storage. But, sometimes you only have the option of carpets.

A treadmill placed on the carpet is exposed to more dust, damaging its internal parts after some years.

Movable parts like motor and belt can be easily destroyed due to dust accumulation. So, spent some extra time maintaining the treadmill if you are placing it on a carpet.

You cannot stop the dust particles from entering the machine, but you can remove them regularly.

Invest in a Treadmill Mat

Buy a treadmill mat if you are putting the fitness machine either on carpets or hard floor. However, it’s essential if you are placing the tool on the fibres. The price is treadmill mat UK is not very high, but it will add more life to your fitness equipment.

Dust and dirt have a habit of building up. So, vacuum clean the treadmill and your workout area every day. A treadmill is an expensive machine, and hence, you should take some added steps to protect and keep it functional for many more years to come.

If you are interested in a heavy-duty treadmill, invest in a thick treadmill mat for carpet UK. Use it to cover all the footprint of your treadmill and a little more so that the carpets cannot affect the running machine at all. So, we suggest that you purchase a big mat or try something like interlocking foam floor mats by Jigmats.

What is a Treadmill Mat?

Made of dense rubber, a treadmill is generally a bit wider and longer than the dimensions of your treadmill. It keeps the fitness machine stable, absorbs all the vibration, and keeps your tool safe from dirt. You can find a treadmill mat for carpet Amazon anywhere between £25 to £40.

The high-quality mat will be at least 4mm thick (3/16”). Some of the commercial mats are thicker can go up to 8 mm. It’s the reason you should not invest in a cheap treadmill mat UK. Thickness is the primary factor to consider when looking for shock absorbers, and low priced variants are not thick.


Is putting a treadmill on the carpet dangerous?

No, it’s not dangerous to work out when your treadmill is placed on the carpet. Bit, it might not be safe either if the carpet fibres are damaged. A torn fabric might be a tripping hazard if you are running fast. The loose threads can also enter the internal parts of the treadmill.

Can you put a treadmill on tiles?

You can place your treadmill on the tiles, but only after you put some shock absorption like a mat. Treadmills are heavy fitness machines that can scratch your tile floors.

Can you put a treadmill on cement?

You can place a treadmill on a cemented surface. However, we suggest that you use a treadmill mat, which will keep the unit at its place and minimize vibrations and noises.

Can you put a treadmill on the second floor?

You can place a treadmill on any of the floors, but it will cause disturbance to the family living below your level.

Will a treadmill damage my floor?

The treadmill might damage some of the floors like vinyl, tile and wood. It can scratch these surfaces and even dent them. Carpets can be damaged by a treadmill as well. These are the reasons why we suggest using a treadmill mat on all the floors.

How to stabilize treadmill on carpet?

If your treadmill is unstable on the carpet, then use shims by Wobble Wedge. It will stabilize the treadmill. You can also try treadmill pads in case the floor surface is uneven.

Bottom Line

Treadmill mats for carpet are beneficial because they reduce all the vibrations and minimizes noise. It’s easy to install such a mat if you do it before assembling the treadmill. If you are a newcomer, we recommend that you contact a professional to set up the machine.

Purchasing and slipping a mat under your treadmill is not the only step you should follow to maintain it. Periodic servicing is essential because it will keep your treadmill in proper shape. If you don’t know how to service a treadmill, then contact a professional.

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