Do Doctors Recommend Inversion Tables?

Inversion therapy is helpful if you are experiencing back pain. However, you need to consult an experienced Chiropractor before trying an inversion table.

The chiropractor can assess and verify whether the therapy can improve your condition. He or she will check your back and its x-rays to determine the real cause of the pain.

If they think that an inversion table will help, you will get the recommendation of inversion therapy.

If you already made a mindset to try an inversion table, then mention the same to your doctor.

So, that he or she can explain why it might or might not be the right solution for your problem.

Why Doctor’s Recommendation is Necessary?

You should not start practicing on an inversion table without consulting a doctor. Avoiding the diagnosis or physical exam before starting the inversion therapy might make your pain worse. There are risks and chances of injury while using an inversion table. Hence, using it without a doctor’s recommendation is not a bright idea.

Risks to Inversion Therapy

  • In an inverted state, your blood pressure increases but the pulse rate decreases. The increased blood flow puts immense pressure on your inner ear and eyeballs. It’s the reason why an inversion table is not recommended for seniors suffering from high blood pressure, heart diseases, osteoporosis, hernia, or obesity.
  • Old age users with ear infections, glaucoma, retinal detachment, and pink eye should stay from the inversion table.
  • Inversion therapy is also not recommended for users taking medicines for high blood pressure or blood clotting.

An inversion table is an effective but short-term cure for back pain. It is an affordable solution that you can try at home. However, please do not see it as a guaranteed treatment for your back or any other spine-related pain like sciatica.

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A doctor’s recommendation and guidance are essential if you are a senior citizen. A chiropractor will prescribe it only if your x-ray and other reports are positive. In case the pain worsens, you should stop the therapy and consult the doctor for alternates.

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