Do Treadmills Use a Lot of Electricity?

You might ask yourself several questions when it comes to using treadmills.

Besides the maintenance costs, thinking about the power bill can make you ask, “How much electricity does a treadmill use?”

Using your treadmill for one hour per day may cost you between 50 pence and 1 pound. That is when a kilowatt-hour of power costs 17 to 25p.

Treadmill Power Consumption

Treadmill wattage: How many watts does a treadmill use?

Every electrical appliance has a wattage rating. It is the energy your machine requires to run. For instance, the time spent when cooking with your microwave oven will depend on its wattage. With higher watts, you can bake quicker. However, this will need more energy.

When it comes to treadmills, factors such as engine size and type contribute to wattage ratings. You can check all information in the user’s manual or sticker label on your treadmill. If you do not find watts, you will get amperage (A) and voltage (V) information.

You can get the wattages by multiplying V by A. However, other factors like speed, incline, and body weight will impact the energy you will need to power your treadmill. Treadmills consume 600 to 700 electricity watts on average.

Use of Treadmill and Consumption

Your treadmill will require more energy if you operate it for long periods. For example, if you need 2 KWh to run for one hour, you will need 4 KWh for two hours. However, how and how often you use your treadmill will influence the power consumption. Keep in mind that the treadmill engine never uses its power to the maximum.

Surprisingly, DC motors will necessitate more energy when you walk than running. At any time, your treadmill will consume more power when running at its highest speed. The user’s weight, moving parts friction, and treadmill speed will show you the real electricity consumption.

Calculations: How much it costs to run?

You can get the theoretical value of the energy your treadmill needs to operate and the costs by calculations. It can be unrealistic to tell the number of times you use your treadmill to its fullest capacity. When using the full wattage to calculate, multiply your treadmills power by the hours you run it in a particular month.

To determine the kilowatts in a month, divide the number by 1,000. You can use your power bill to get the overall cost. Divide the number of kilowatts billed by the total electricity bill for an approximate result. Although it takes into consideration particular fixed costs, it is a good estimation. To obtain the charges per month, multiply the electricity cost result by KWh.

How to Save Electricity on Treadmill?

The best way to cut down your electricity bill when using a treadmill is by preventive maintenance. Keep in mind that worn out parts (belt, deck) and non-lubrication can maximize friction. It is a crucial parameter since it directly impacts your treadmill’s electricity consumption.

Old treadmill belts can twofold the friction doubling power consumption. You can reduce energy consumption by training equipment using a new belt with low friction. You can spend 1 pound per day with an old belt rather than 50p, or almost 180 pounds in a year. Moreover, failing to lubricate your treadmill can lead to engine and controller failure for more recovery costs. Ensuring a smooth performance can significantly reduce the electricity you will need to run a treadmill


  1. Do you need a special outlet for a treadmill?

Ans: You will need one to avoid electrical issues. Manufacturers recommend a devoted 20-AMP circuit.

  1. Should I unplug my treadmill when not in use?

Ans: Unplugging your treadmill after use will prevent destroying the treadmill components. Also, you will reduce power consumption.

  1. Difference between Manual vs. Motorized treadmills

Ans: Manual treadmills require you to push the belt using your fit. With the motorized option, a treadmill motor will move the belt on your behalf. Motorized equipment allows you to set an automatic pace when exercising.

  1. Which treadmill is better, AC or DC?

Ans: AC motors are perfect for commercial use. They need more power to operate. If you are looking for a treadmill for your home training, DC is a reliable choice. They use less energy and emits less noise.

Treadmills use less electricity than you can imagine. Although other factors contribute the power consumption, you need not more than $10 per month when operating your treadmill daily. Lubricating and changing worn-out belts can reduce the power costs.

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