Does Incline Treadmill Build Your Butt?

Does incline treadmill build your butt

The treadmill works on your lower body and the core efficiently to tone muscles.

Running or walking exercises mean that your hamstrings and buttocks are actively working to carry you forward.

It also means that training on a treadmill directly affects the glutes. Burning calories and fat means that the fat will come off your bum, and muscles will make the bum toned and peach-like.

Many people wonder whether using treadmill inclines will enhance their butts.

The guide below will help you understand how you can use treadmill inclines to improve your butt.

The Butt Muscles

The glutes are part of the maximum, medium and minimum gluteus muscles. The gluteus maximus is the most significant muscle in the body and makes up most of the bum.

It is the central part that you will want to work on to get a Kim Kardashian-like shape. As you can tell, the minimum also affects the form when toning the butt.

Much of the size may be due to genetics and the natural shape of the body.

Some women are born with an altogether bigger butt for their size, and other butts have butts in the form of a pear.

However, there is still a long way to improve what already exists, and physical exercise is still a long way off. One way to enhance the shape of the bum is to use inclines in treadmill training.

Below are some of the exercises that will help you do that.

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Treadmill Incline Exercises

The gradient makes it much more challenging to climb the hill than on a flat surface, and it tones your bum.

You have to practice a lot, but the effort is worth it.

The following exercises will help you improve your butt. Set the speed for a brisk walk, which should be around 5 km / h and follow the procedural instructions for a great glute workout.

  • 4 minutes 0% warming up on a flat surface
  • 2 minutes 2% gradient
  • 2 minutes 4%
  • 2 minutes 6%
  • 2 minutes 8%
  • 2 minutes 6%
  • 2 minutes 4%
  • 2 minutes 2%
  • 4 minutes 0% gradient, cool-down period

Typically, it is a pyramid session and should work effectively on your butt.

If you find it too easy or difficult, adjust the speed or incline accordingly. Just make sure you end up feeling tired.

It’s just a walk, but you have some steep climbs that tone your glutes.

Many people call this following exercise as intervals as there are hills to climb, then short duration recovery walks.

It typically features a heavy training design. You have to power your arms and brisk walk without holding onto the rails.

  • 4 minutes 0% warming up time on a flat surface
  • 2 minutes 4% gradient
  • 2 minutes 2%
  • 2 minutes 8%
  • 2 minutes 2%
  • 2 minutes 12%
  • 2 minutes 2%
  • 2 minutes 8%
  • 4 minutes 0% slope, cool-down time on a flat surface

Insane incline

It is important to note that you will likely shrink when you start a new exercise routine targeting your glutes.

It is because intense exercises burn more calories, even when you gain muscle mass.

As the gluteal muscles grow and become stronger, the outer fat that surrounds the buttocks decreases, making the butts a little slim just before you notice any significant growth of the muscle mass.

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However, after some time of intense workouts, the butts muscle tone such that you start noting substantial improvements. According to a 2008 study by researchers at A.T.A Still University, walking at a speed of 12 km / h on a 12% incline can result in a heart rate equivalent to running twice on a flat surface.

Once you attain a high heart rate during exercise, you will burn more calories.

When you are ready to intensify the intensity of your exercises, increase the incline of the treadmill.

It works your muscles differently and helps you burn more calories. Typically, the steeper the slope, the more it works on your quadriceps and buttocks.

If you want to work on higher gradients, start with shorter periods on steeper inclines, similar to interval training.

For instance, go up a hill for 30 seconds and then walk without a slope for two minutes. Increase the time you spend on an incline until you manage to spend the entire time of your exercise climbing hills.

The Mayo Clinic recommends exercising for at least 30 minutes around five times a week to maintain overall cardiovascular health.

Make hill workouts more interesting than interval training, warm-up with a comfortable 1% slope to run or take a short 5-10 minute walk.

Then, switch to jogging or brisk walking on a 5 to 15% slope for one minute and then another one minute on a flat surface.

Repeat the procedure for 30-40 minutes to do a perfect workout. When you add hills, ensure you hit the treadmill’s surface with your heels first so that you can work out the glutes.

Add hills into walking

The treadmill can also shape your bum if you use it to shape your lunges. Climb the hill at 15% and slow down to 2-3 mph. Take a long step forward and lean towards the front knee. Repeat the process with the other leg and continue doing this for 2-3 minutes while warming up and cooling down.

Another way to use the treadmill creatively to improve your buttocks is to turn and start walking backwards. Choose a grade between 8% and 15% and slow down to about 2 miles per hour. Hold on to the handrail while turning and hit the buttocks again from a different angle.


In conclusion, all those exercises take short periods and have the nature of anaerobic exercises.

You are exercising at more than 80% of your maximum heart rate, which increases muscle mass. The muscle mass is what you need when you need to build the glutes.

Typically, it is because the glutes are the most extensive muscle in the buttocks. Try to do these exercises once a week if you will continue with your regular workout schedule.

While doing other cardiovascular exercises to burn calories and lose weight, you will be approaching your bum from all angles.

You have a few inches fall off from your cardio, and then muscles will build-up due to the above exercises. Muscle toning gives the butts that round and appealing shape that you want.


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