Does Inversion Table Help Sciatica?

Most individuals suffering from sciatica or one-sided backache reach out to a trained physical therapist.

The PT can choose and provide you some of the best treatments.

But, can inversion therapy be helpful in such a case? That we will discuss today.

Poor posture, continuous sitting, frequent bending and weight lifting are reasons that can cause back pain. If you are suffering from lower or upper back pain, an inversion table can effectively deal with it in some cases.

But there are some warnings you must know before. Let’s check out the video.

What is an Inversion Table?

A cushioned table built over a metal frame connected with hinges is the best way to define an inversion table. You only need to strap yourself on the table and allow your body to decline. In the process, you will flip your body to gain multiple benefits, including a pain-free back, a strong core, an active mind in the morning, and much more.

What Is an Inversion Table Supposed to Do with Sciatica?

The concept behind an inversion table is to unload the discs and joints in the lower back by flipping your body. The inverted position creates traction force throughout your spine, which eventually cures sciatica. The process of practicing inverted position is known as inversion therapy or gravitational traction.

Does Inversion Table Help Sciatica

How Inversion Therapy Works?

Inversion therapy is similar to spinal traction. When you are standing, gravity attracts your spine downward and hence, decompresses all its discs, nerves, and vertebral bodies. An inversion table allows you to change your physical status wherein gravity relieves the spinal compression. When the spine is lengthened, it releases all the pressure, and you feel pain-free and relaxed.

If someone deals with sciatica and back pain, inversion therapy helps use natural force to relax the body. Plus, there are no surgeries or medications involved. However, similar to all other therapies, it might work on one individual and might not be effective on someone else. Science or therapies has their limitations. So, talk to your doctor about the treatment, especially if you have a medical history.

Other Benefits of Inversion Table/Therapy

Apart from preventing back pain or sciatica, an inversion table is helpful in multiple other ways.

  • Increases Flexibility: Practicing on an inversion table improves your flexibility. Regular movements in the spine make it stronger, which improves your posture and allows you to bend or reach things easily. It’s the primary reason why inversion therapy is very effective for professionals who work mostly at their desks.
  • Reduces Stress: The inversion table helps you to de-stress. An inverted position activates your parasympathetic nervous system – the rest and digest mode of the body, which is opposite to the sympathetic nervous system – fight or flight mode. The rest mode calms your nerves, relaxes your body, and releases the stress.
  • Energizes Your Morning: The inversion position works like two cups of coffee in the morning. It sends an abundant amount of oxygen to your body so that you can shed the laziness within a few minutes and start your day.

There are several treatments for sciatica or any other spinal pain. However, an inversion table is one of the best because it works without any medicines and surgery.

Plus, there are chances that inversion therapy can delay or prevent any spine surgery as well. If you want to enjoy the benefits of this therapy, then it’s time you try an inversion table.

However, its recommend that you consult your doctor, especially if you are undergoing any treatments.