Home Treadmill Mat For Carpet Protection

home treadmill mat for carpet protection

Do you need a treadmill mat?

The short answer is Yes, you need a treadmill mat to protect your floor or the carpet.

Basically, treadmill mats are must-have floor additional equipment that goes hand in hand with a treadmill.

Fortunately, various types of mats work well with different kinds of floorings. All types of floors require a quality mat for protection.

For instance, you need to care for your wooden floor to ensure that your treadmill doesn’t move around even if there is less friction.

Generally, the manufacturer recommends using a mat on a wooden floor to avoid indenting the floor. The mat also reduces excessive vibration that might weaken the parts of the machine.

A treadmill mat will also prevent noise that can resound throughout the household as you exercise. Since the mat reduces the machine’s vibration, your activities won’t disturb your roommates or the entire neighbourhood.

That means you can opt to exercise at night or even early morning.

With the mat, you will notice a tremendous difference in your treadmill activities.

The machine not only smoothens your exercise but also comes at a reasonable price. A high-quality treadmill mat can cost 50 to 100,

which is less than repairing an entire damaged wooden floor. A customer can opt to purchase the mat and the machine from the same manufacture or buy it from a different mat store.

What is the Best Thickness for a Treadmill Mat?

The mats also come in different sizes and thicknesses. Some are very thick and easily interlock, boosting the protection of your floor.

Most treadmills are as heavy as 200lbs. a weight increased further by a person working on it.

Those thick mats that are connected to form puzzle-like squares can accommodate this weight. Although such mats cost slightly more than ordinary ones, you will eventually find the value of your money.

Some treadmill users do not know that vibration of this machine loosens its parts. The loosening of some functions like screws and nuts increases vibration and the collection of dirt.

If the machine’s motor sucks dirt and debris, your treadmill’s working system is at risk.

But such cases are only common where the user tends to run the machine on mat-less floors.

That means a mat increases the duration of service of your treadmill. Therefore, the length of life and the efficiency of your machine will fully exist when you run it on a mat. Moreover, most mats are pretty versatile and can withstand pressure from other gym equipment like exercise bikes, elliptical, and rowing machines.

At home and in a commercial gym, treadmill mats are essential addition that improves your gymnastic activities.

However, you must gather a bit of information about a particular bland of mats before purchasing one. For instance, you should consider the size of your treadmill machine.

The mat should always be larger than the machine, and its size should match that of the treadmill floor. It is also wise to consider purchasing a mat that has water resistance functionalities. Being water-proof will not only make a mat easy to clean but also prevent nasty smells.

Another main spec to check on is the price of the mat. Various brands of mats vary depending on their quality and size.

Also, some mats come with a warranty which builds confidence among customers. A treadmill mat is a premium component of treadmill machines that every fitness enthusiast should consider buying.



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