How To Keep Treadmills Outdoors?

Treadmills are large machines that need a lot of open space for storage, especially if it’s an electric variant.

But, some of us don’t have enough space to store a treadmill indoors. Or maybe people don’t want to keep it inside because there is too much space available outdoors.

A backyard is best to keep fitness equipment because the space inside the house is premium.

All these points suggest that you should store the treadmill outside. But can treadmills be kept outside?

And if it’s possible, then what are the facts you need to consider.

Is it Possible to Keep a Treadmill Outside?

The first step is to find an electrical outlet. Most of the houses are built with these electrical holes for entertainment, lights and power tools.

A waterproof treadmill cover is the next important thing you need because the treadmill has many electric parts that can be damaged when it’s raining.

What if you want to work out, but it’s raining? Use a canopy or big garden shed that can cover you and the treadmill.

Such protection is essential for treadmills because sunlight can also damage their exterior. Also, invest in a treadmill mat to prevent any entry of moisture underneath the treadmill.

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Are There Any Precautions to Take?

Invest in a treadmill that covers outdoor usage. Or you can purchase a waterproof outdoor treadmill.

Choose whatever you find suitable according to your requirements, but maintain it regularly. Frequent cleaning and servicing are crucial if you are storing a treadmill outdoors.

Place the running machine on a level surface. Most of the users overlook this factor, but you shouldn’t.

You can find a parallel ground in the patio, but the same cannot be stated about your backyard. But, do not compromise on this point because it might create faults in the treadmill.

For instance, the tread belt will start moving to one side while you are working out.

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So, How to Store a Treadmill Outdoors?

  • Place a treadmill mat under a shed, which can keep your machine safe from sunlight and rainfall. Both these natural factors can damage the treadmill’s motor and processor. So, find a shaded spot that’s away from direct rain exposure.
  • Setting the machine over a mat is essential so that none of the dirt or moisture can reach its internal parts. Plus, the carpet will also manage static electricity.
  • Use a carpenter’s level to make sure the ground is parallel, and your treadmill is not stored on an uneven surface. If the treadmill is stored on an unleveled terrain, then there are chances its running belt might start slipping sideways. Such movement will erode the belt and its roller sooner than you expect.
  • Use a broom to wipe out the treadmill before every workout session. Please keep all the harmful dirt away from its internal parts. Otherwise, the belt will not run smoothly, and the machine will start making unnecessary noises.
  • Wipe down the treadmill using a damp cloth after each usage. Cleaning solutions are not required here because they can harm its belt or motor. Make sure you clean the console and handgrips. These two are the main components of a treadmill that are exposed to your sweat and skin oils.
  • Use compressed air to blow out any of the dirt in and around the motor. Do this once every week because the dust can damage the internal parts of your treadmill.
  • Cover the machine with a waterproof treadmill cover to keep it safe from rain and dust.

Can You Keep a Treadmill in the Garage?

Keeping the treadmill outdoors or in the garage might void its warranty. These suggestions are only for those fitness enthusiasts who do not care about the coverage.

One of the most significant benefits of keeping a treadmill in the basement or garage is getting extra space indoors for other things and activities. As we know, running machines takes a lot of space. Plus, some of these tools operate at high sound levels that can be irritating for other members of your family.

Another advantage of placing your treadmill in basement or garage is it will be away from your kids. Little ones can get serious injuries from running machines and other fitness tools.

Above all, you will find some private time in the garage. There will be no one to disturb your workout.

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Overall, you can keep a treadmill in the garage. But, there are some side effects of putting such a machine outdoors. The humidity and temperature in the garage change throughout the year, making negative impacts on the treadmill.

Then, you need to put extra efforts to clean the treadmill. It’s fitting because there are many other tools in your garage, including gardening equipment.


Can I put the treadmill on patio?

Putting a treadmill on the patio or balcony is convenient and healthy because you can enjoy the benefits of fresh oxygen. So, you will get added advantages of walking, jogging and running.

How cold is too cold for a treadmill?

It will help if you use a treadmill only between 10 to 40 degree Celsius. If the machine is exposed to freezing conditions, we recommend leaving it under room temperature for 3 to 4 hours before use.

What should you put under a treadmill?

If you are putting the treadmill on hard surfaces, including stone, concrete, tiles, laminate, vinyl, or wood, we suggest you should slip a mat underneath its frame.

Bottom Line

A treadmill offers multiple benefits to you and your family members. Plus, if you are using it outside, you are also enjoying the benefits of outdoor workouts.

Choose a manual treadmill if you want to work out in the backyard or patio. A non-electric treadmill will be less prone to damage because it does not have any components that can be destroyed by rainfall or dirt.

All the treadmills are not designed for outdoor usage because the humidity and temperature change a lot according to the season.

If you are residing in a similar region, then we suggest that you store the treadmill indoors. But, it’s not possible for all individuals.

If you don’t find any other option apart from storing a treadmill, you need to take several precautions. First, use a waterproof treadmill cover, then apply a mat and finally, make sure you maintain the machine regularly.

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