How to Lose 8 Pounds in a Month on Treadmill?

How to Lose 8 Pounds in a Month on Treadmill

The treadmill is a perfect fitness machine for weight loss. Most of the treadmill comes with a console that shows the amount of calorie you have lost.

The calorie loss depends upon your weight, speed and duration spent on a treadmill.

If you wish to lose 8 lbs. a month on a treadmill, try to burn at least 2 pounds every week. It becomes easy if you are overweight.

If you are heavy, then the weight loss will be higher than average or lightweight users.

Lose 1 pound Per week through a Healthy Diet?

Weight loss is all about planning, regular exercising and a healthy diet. So, let’s plan to cut down 3 500 calories, which is 1 pound.

Do not cut down the calorie intake to a large extent because you need plenty of energy to work out every day.

And you can generate this power by consuming a healthy and nutrient-rich diet.

The idea is to be patient because none of the fitness goals can be achieved overnight.

So, do not consume a high amount of calories. Otherwise, you will not be able to burn it.

Now, the question is- how many calories you need to consume?

Well, you need to check your weight and height for the answer.

You can check this calorie calculator here, and it will tell you how many calories you should consume to lose extra weight.

Lose 1 Pound Per Week Through a Regular Workout?

Now you know how to lose one pound in 7 days. The next part is exercise, which is relatively more challenging.

But, it’s required to increase your calorie loss. You can walk, jog or run outdoors or you can try a treadmill.

As we discussed, you need to plan the workout for efficient weight loss.

To burn 3 500 calories every week, you need to cut down 500 calories every day. You can check the calorie loss on the treadmill, but sometimes it’s not accurate.

Use this treadmill weight loss calculator to calculate how many calories you burned. Enter your weight, time, distance and speed to see the output.

To lose 500 calories every day, you need to follow a workout program.

Suppose you weigh 195 pounds, then you need to walk at 5 km/h for 55 minutes every day to lose 500 calories. But, if you jog at 8.5 km/h, you can lose the same amount of calories in 35 minutes.

Combine a Healthy Diet and Regular Exercising To lose 2 Lbs. Every Week

If you cut down 2 pounds every week, the total weight loss after thirty days will be 10 pounds.

However, you have to follow what we discussed above. Maintain the suggested lifestyle for 30 days, and you will notice improvements.

Once you achieve the desired fat loss, we recommend that you eat the calories required to maintain your weight.

Plus, don’t discontinue the workout schedule.

You might feel hungry in between the meals, especially in the initial days. It happens because you used to consume a lot of calories in the past.

So, try to wait for your mealtime. Consume three proper meals and 1 or 2 snacks every day. Do not survive on snacks if you feel hungry at odd times.

Your diet should include vegetables, fruits and meat.

Find any other source of protein if you are a vegan.

Protein is one of the crucial nutrients because it works as building blocks for your muscles.

The workout breaks the muscles, but protein and other nutrients rebuild and makes them stronger.

If you are a newcomer, then start by walking on the treadmill. Attempt to jog after 7 or 10 days. Then, you can try running.

How a Treadmill Helps you to Lose Weight?

A treadmill is beneficial for weight loss because it gives you a surface to walk, jog and run.

All these exercises burn a lot of calories, which is essential for fat loss. Activate the incline function, and you will burn even more calories.

In other words, if you wish to burn excess fat and develop an attractive personality, then the treadmill can be your favorite fitness equipment.

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Losing 10 pounds in 1 month needs a lot of hard work. Treadmills are best for this goal because you can use them as per your comfort and availability.

Plus, you don’t have to think about the external weather or conditions.

You simply need a water bottle and a music player along with a treadmill to start the journey of weight loss.

Maintain the Workout Schedule

Suppose you have lost 10 pounds after 30 days, what will you do afterwards?

Leave working out. No, it would help if you continue the physical activities to maintain your weight.

Also, continue a nutrient-rich diet because you need a lot of stamina and energy to exercise daily. Follow both the points to keep your weight under control.

Don’t ignore the treadmill or any other fitness equipment.

The running machine helped you lose weight and enjoy the endless benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, continue using it to be fit and healthy all your life.

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How to lose weight on a treadmill in 2 weeks?

If you want to lose weight in 2 weeks, then high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best routine to follow.

This workout has a dual-phase loss effect, wherein you lose weight while working out. But, due to HIIT, your body continues to burn calories even when you are sitting idle.

Try to work out at least half an hour every day. To see better results, you need to work out 60 minutes.

If you cannot do it in a single stretch as a beginner, create two separate sessions worth half an hour.

How much weight can you lose on a treadmill in a month?

The calorie loss depend upon your weight, speed, time and distance covered on a treadmill. As we discussed, you can lose 500 calories every day by walking or jogging at 5 or 8.5 km/h, respectively. So, you can lose around 15000 calories every month.

Now 3 500 calories equals 1 pound. So, you will burn around 5 pounds per month by working out for 30 minutes every day. Increase the exercising time, include HIIT and incline functions to cut down more fat within 30 days.

Bottom Line

Weigh yourself after every seven days to track your progress. Create a routine to eat a healthy diet, be consistent, and get the desired weight.

We agree that you are adapting a new lifestyle, which is not easy. But, you can do it with determination, guts and hard work.

Try to improve yourself every day. Regular workout will boost your confidence, and you will be able to think better professionally and personally.

You will live a long, uninterrupted and disease-free life. Moreover, you will never feel tired quickly. Well, there are multiple benefits of regular workouts.

So, start today, and you will succeed without any doubt. Good luck.


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