How To Prevent Treadmill From Overheating and Catch Fire

A treadmill is one of the most popular fitness tools. Millions of users in the USA possesses this machine.

Most of them use a motor to operate, which means the electrical current flows through the units.

Current can generate sparks and burn any of the plastic or rubber made parts of a treadmill, resulting in a fire. So, is it a point to worry? Can a motorized treadmill cause a fire in your house?

Can a Treadmill Catch on Fire?

A treadmill can catch fire like any other electrical appliance. Some of us might be surprised because the treadmill doesn’t generate heat.

So, how can it catch fire? Well, it’s easy to understand. The motor will heat up when you are running at high speeds. Plus, there is friction that’s caused by the treadmill as you move.

Its LCD console is electrically powered. Hence, even a minor ignition can do the harm.

Apart from the internal wiring, it would help if you consider the power cable as well. The connection between the treadmill and electric outlet should be damage-free.

An open wire might create short circuits if it gets wet with your sweat or water you are drinking. A short-circuit might result in faults in your treadmill or fire.

Fire in residence can be hazardous if the residents are sleeping and are not aware of the situation. The situation is similar when you are not at home.

Fire can damage everything you own. A treadmill is itself an expensive purchase, but it also can burn down a house.

Steps to Prevent Treadmill from Overheating & Avoid Fire

You can protect your treadmill and your home by following the given points. All the given suggestions are prevalent, but no harms going through them once again.

  • Unplug the treadmill: You should unplug the treadmill when it’s idle. Some of the motors draw power even when you are not using them. So, clear the running machine when you finish your workout session. It’s one of the best habits that’s beneficial for everyone in your family. Not only treadmill, but you should unplug all the other electrical appliances when they are not in use.
  • Maintain it: Wipe clean the treadmill after finishing the workout routines. Remove its motor cover and vacuum the internal area. It would help if you do it after every few weeks or months, depending upon the treadmill’s usage.
  • Lubricate: Lubricate its belt after every three months to maintain a smooth rotation and minimize the heat caused by friction. If your workout is intense or you are preparing for a marathon, it’s better to contact a treadmill servicing professional.
  • Invest in a treadmill mat: An exercise mat brings many benefits to the treadmill and its user. And one of them is safety from fire. Also, such a mat reduces the dust accumulation inside your treadmill. Then, it minimizes the vibration and adds more years to the machine’s life. Less vibration and low jerks mean; the treadmill will not create much noise.
  • Use a surge protector: Surge protectors are generally available in high-quality power strips. Typically, these electrical components are used to connect our computer and its accessories. But, you should do the same for electrical fitness machines as well. Try a surge protector that’s UL rated.
  • Avoid an extension cord: One of the most common reasons for house fires across the USA is an extension box. Keep in mind that it’s only suitable for temporary usage. So, you should not overload one power outlet by using a long chain of extensions and power strips.

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Additional Tips

  • Read the owner’s manual and follow the correct process to use, store and maintain your treadmill.
  • Use a manufacturer-approved lubricant to clean the belts of your treadmill. Do not use a third party lubricant.
  • Remove all the dust accumulation while cleaning the belt.
  • Stop using the treadmill if you notice a burning smell.
  • Do not power on the machine if you see any broken parts.

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Should you Worry?

You will see many treadmills in a gym, but they don’t cause a fire in general. We have tested a wide range of treadmill and never faced any issues related to sparks or fire.

Moreover, we have not noticed any burning smell from the treadmill. If you experience any weird whiffs from the treadmill, then you should stop immediately and unplug it.

You can find the number of fires caused by running machine, but then the question is; who is at fault – the treadmill or its careless owner?

If you follow all the steps we discussed above, then a treadmill cannot cause any fire. On the contrary, if the electrical outlet is flooded with multiple extensions boxes and power strips, then trouble is not very far.

The Bottom Line

We are using a lot of electrical appliances, but none of them caught fire till now. Still, we need to take care. Some of the electrical devices need power 24/7.

So, you can leave them plugged in permanently. For instance, you cannot shut down the security system of your house. Apart from that, you should unplug all other items that can cause the fire.

Fires on a treadmill are sporadic. So, don’t think before purchasing a running machine for your residence.

If you follow some of the basic guidelines, then everything and everyone will be safe. Hence, please find one of the best treadmills, bring it home and enjoy an active and healthy life.

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