How to Program a Treadmill?

how to program a treadmill

The treadmills include several built-in exercise programs. In most cases, they have names like “calorie burn” or “hill climb.”

They intend to offer a variety of training routines to help achieve their training objective.

Some treadmills have custom programs to plan and create your training programs and save them in the treadmill memory.

After saving the training program, you can use it regularly like any other program.

However, you can change it to make it easier, more challenging, or completely different, depending on your imagination.

You can even recreate a run, and you would set the hills at the appropriate distance. All of this makes the use of personalized programs worthwhile.

Treadmill Programming

Programming the treadmill is vital, as you can program it to meet your personal needs.

Keep in mind that your exercise is not similar to the person next to you. Even the routine of the person on the treadmill in front of you might be different.

It is essential to program the treadmill every time you run to concentrate on training and let the computer do the computations.

As soon as you complete programming, the display will show the approximate number of calories you burn, the distance you cover, and the total training time.

Using Sole Fitness as an example, the treadmills have two customizable programs.

All treadmills come with an instruction manual that explains the step-by-step programming instructions for each model. Sometimes, you can change a pre-set routine with your data, and we will see how to do that.

There are ten programs available that you can edit by choosing them and inputting your personal information.

Stand on one foot on the platforms next to the treadmill. Press the power button to start the treadmill or insert the safety key.

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Select a pre-set program such as hills, weight loss, random, manual, or intervals to adjust the gradient speed.

To ensure the console measures the calories, you burn accurately, enter your weight on the console.

Enter your weight into the treadmill by pressing the up and down arrow buttons until you find your weight. Enter your weight when “Calories” is flashing on the console.

Press the up and down arrows to enter your age. You can set the duration of your workout by adjusting the controls while the “Tempo” is flashing on the console and pressing the Enter button.

Do the same if “Speed” is flashing and when “Heart” is also flashing. If you press the Start button at any time, the program you have set will start.

Below are the two custom routines and how to program them.

Custom Programs

The two custom programs are the programs you set using the above steps.

The custom programs control the speed and incline of the treadmill and can last up to 40 minutes. You can save the programs and edit them as often as necessary.

The treadmill selects the quick start mode by default when you insert the key or press the start button.

To choose one of the custom programs, press the Select Program button repeatedly until the Custom Program 1 or Custom Program 2 indicator lights up. Note: If the treadmill’s incline is greater than 0%, it automatically reduces back to 0%.

Select one of the two custom programs and press Enter. The time will start flashing, and here you select the duration of the routine and press the Enter key.

The calorie window will then start flashing, and you may need to enter your weight here. Then the pulse will start flashing, and you may need to type your age here and press Enter.

Proceed and adjust the speed and incline of the exercise. It will be the most challenging part of your routine, depending on the ease or difficulty you create for yourself.

For instance, choose slope eight as the maximum slope. A segment will start flashing, and here is where you set the speed using the slow and fast buttons and then press the Enter button.

You will have to do this for each part of the exercise. Press the up and down arrows to select the maximum speed of the pre-set programs.

For example, choose a speed of 5mph so that your top speed is a jog. Once complete, the first segment will flash again so that you can enter the gradient levels.

When you finish, and you have written the exercise the way you want, press the start button.

Typically, it will save it into the treadmill memory and also start the workout.

Press the Save button to save the program, the speed, and incline settings you desire.

When you press the record button, then the record indicator will light up. You can only program the speed and incline settings when the recording indicator lights.

Whenever you select this custom program, the routine will appear until you modify it.

In this way, you will have your personalized workout on the treadmill.

To stop a custom program for some time, press the stop button. The main screen will stop, and the time will start to flash. Press the program start button or the speed+ button to restart the program.


In conclusion, all treadmills with custom programs allow you to change them in the same way.

However, you may need to refer to the manufacturer’s instructional manual in case of problems. In the worst case, you may need to contact the customer service team for help. After all, you are paying a lot of money for a treadmill.

In a nutshell, they are great for racing, where you can copy the gradient of the hills and possibly the speed you want to run.

They are also helpful for improving your fitness level by progressively making the workout more challenging.

After all, performing the same routine can become more manageable after a while.

Typically, this is good, and it happens when you get in shape, and it will be time to modify or extend it further to continue challenging yourself.