How To Reduce Treadmill Noise in An Apartment?

Exercises such as running and jogging encompass vigorous movements.

You can tell this from the sound your foot makes when running outdoors.

However, do treadmills produce noise? If so, is there anything you can do to exercise without the discomfort? If that is your concern, this article has what you need to know.

Are Treadmills Noisy?

You may ask yourself, are treadmills inherently noisy?

Firstly, the equipment has a cushioning and a moving deck. As your feet interact with these components when you are running, the unit generates noise.

The vibrations can shake your apartment walls and floors or your entire home.

True enough, you might disrupt other people living in the apartment. As much as you might be comfortable with the noise while on your machine, irritating your neighbors is another thing you have to consider.

In most scenarios, you will want to utilize your equipment during sociable hours.

Imagine forcing someone in the other room to turn up the volume while watching favorite movies. Keep in mind that running on your treadmill will produce louder noise than when walking on it. Also, old treadmills have a lot of noise.

The machine might get squeaks with improper maintenance. The best thing is that you can control your treadmill’s noise and squeaks.

Steps to Reduce Treadmill Motor Noise in your Apartment

You can use various techniques for a quieter home when using your treadmill. Use these tips to add pleasure to your workout again.

  • Using a Mat

Is there any component that makes the most noise in your treadmill apart from the belt and the motor?

Unfortunately, you are the cause of such noise. When an item has a solid surface, it results to impact noise. That is what you are doing when running on your training machine.

The best method to get rid of impact noise is through absorption. That will mean placing a soft material to prevent noise expansion and vibrations.

However, the material should be hard enough to ensure safety when exercising.

The market is full of treadmill mats designed to absorb impact noise with no hurdles. You will enjoy more stability when on the equipment. Moreover, your treadmill will last longer.

  • Lubricate the Belt

Lubricating treadmill belts should be your regular maintenance practice. Although you might find it challenging to determine the best time to lubricate the treadmill belt, the activity is worth your consideration.

The best thing is that you can find advanced treadmills capable of notifying you when the equipment requires lubrication.

A dry belt results in more friction which translates to more noise when running your treadmill. Experts suggest you lubricate the belt after 3 to 6 months.

However, that will depend on your machine usage. With that, you will maintain minimum noise when using your treadmill.

  • Run Slower

As you run faster on your treadmill, you produce more vibration. That is similar to jumping on the equipment at a higher speed.

ou may have to reduce your pace to prevent treadmill noise. However, this is not to mean reducing your performance to relieve vibrations. You can walk or run slower for specific lengths and have an effective workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Treadmill Squeak?

Many factors can contribute to the squeaking of your workout machine. In most cases, the belt is responsible for these squeaks. You can use the following ways to alleviate the issue.

Tightness: You can prevent squeaks in your treadmill by tightening loose belts. Ensure that the belt is in the best place for proper function.

Lubrication: Lubrication is the best treatment you can give your treadmill belt. When was the last time you checked the oil in the equipment? If you cannot remember, the only reason behind your squeaky treadmill is the lack of lubrication.

Are There Quieter Treadmills?

Although all treadmills produce noise, some are quieter than others. If this is the option you want, you may go with curved and manual treadmills. Manual treadmills do not need electricity to run, and they are without motors.

Also, they are ideal for slight jogging and walking. The best thing is that they are cheap. The downside of these quiet machines is that they have limited exercise options. Another thing is that they have few features.

Curved treadmills will cost you more compared to motorized ones. They utilize the latest technologies to operate without a motor.

Although with some noise, curved machines are suitable for running. You can use the internet to research and access multiple quieter treadmills available in the market. Some of the option you should expect to encounter include:

  • NordicTrack T Treadmill
  • Fitness Reality Manual Treadmill
  • Xterra Fitness Folding Treadmill
  • Goplus Folding Treadmill
  • Horizon Fitness Treadmill

The Bottom Line

True enough, treadmills are noisy equipment. For that reason, check whether you will not cause any discomfort to your neighbors when using your training unit.

However, if you visit health clubs or gyms to use treadmills, you have no reason to worry about the noise. You can utilize various strategies to prevent the issues of treadmill noise.

You may opt for purchasing quieter equipment. Use the above information to enjoy an effective workout in a comfortable environment.

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