How to Run Correctly: What are the Proper Forms and Techniques?

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For those looking to get back in shape, one of the exercises you can try is running. It helps to burn fat and keeps you healthy and agile. To some people, running may appear simple to do. But this is not true.

If you want the exercise to yield the desired results, then you have to learn all the techniques of doing it.

Are you planning to build a running habit and would like some tips on how to do it well? You’ve come to the right place. Everything you need to know and has been explained here.

Learning to Run the Right Way

  • Always Warm Up Before Starting

Warm-ups are essential for one thing; helping to prepare your muscles and body for exercise. Before you start running, you must do some warm-ups first. Start with stretches. After this walk for around 5 to 7 minutes after which you can then begin to run.

  • Stop Hunching Your Shoulders

Your shoulders should always be loose when you’re running. This workout requires a lot of breathing. However, if your shoulders are hunched, you won’t be able to get enough air into your system. So, relax your shoulders and make sure they’re not under any tension.

  • Avoid Looking Down

Sometimes while running, we’re tempted to stare down at our feet. Well, when you look down while running, your posture and breathing become affected. Apart from being unhealthy, it conveys a message of doubt and unbelief in yourself. The best or the right thing to do is to keep your head high and avoid the tension of looking down.

  • Take Deep and Rhythmic Breathes

There is a right way to breathe when running. Avoid anything frantic and shallow because your breaths need to be deep and rhythmic. This is for proper airflow throughout your body. It has been reported that the best way to breathe when jogging is by inhaling after two steps and exhaling after another two steps. It doesn’t matter whether you’re breathing through your mouth or nose. As long as you follow this breathing rule, you’re doing great.

  • Let Your Knees be at the Right Height

Many cyclists who are starting to run make the mistake of lifting their knees too high. However, when it comes to running, lifting your knees forward is more effective than lifting them upwards. When you raise them too high, you’ll be putting your body under unnecessary pressure and draining all your energy.

  • Swing Your Arms in the Correct Position

When it comes to running and doing it the right way, your hands have a huge part to play. First, you will want to position your arms at a 90-degree angle while swinging them forward and backwards. Note that you’re to swing them forward and back, and not take them all the way across your chest. It would be more comfortable to keep your arms positioned at a 110-degree angle when running a long distance. Also, ensure that your elbow is doing the swinging and not your forearm. This way, they can effectively perform their task of propelling you forward.

  • Ensure Your Hips are Stable and Facing Forward

Avoid swinging your hips from left to right while running. Instead, they should be stable and facing forward. Also, try not to push your butt outwards as this will only cause your back to ache.

  • Land Your Feet the Right Way

The way you land on your feet as you run does matter a lot. It is, therefore, crucial that you master the right way to do it. Learn to land with a little bend in the knee as this will help to lessen any impact that comes with running on a hard surface. Even so, make sure you’re not bouncing up and down.

Also, you should neither land on your heels nor your forefoot. Aim for somewhere in between like the centre of your foot. Also, the last part of leaving the ground should be your forefoot.

  • Don’t stop abruptly!

When you’re done running, always stabilize your breath by slowing down and walking for a few minutes. Don’t merely stop abruptly. After walking, go ahead and stretch for like 3 minutes. This is to relax your muscles.

  • Never give up!

No matter how hard running may seem to be at first, don’t quit! It’ll get more comfortable as you do it regularly. A trick is, to begin with, a simple level. Don’t start with a marathon. Take it one step at a time. Do a few steps today and some more tomorrow, and before you know it, you’re running like a pro! Plus, the guidelines here will help you immensely. So make sure to follow them, and you’ll be fine.

Extra Tips for Running Correctly!

How to Choose the Right Running Shoes

A pair of shoes that fits properly and protects your feet from injuries is a prerequisite for running. Whatever pair you choose should be able to function as a pain absorber. The shoes should also be comfortable to wear–not too tight and not too loose. The environment you’re running in also matters.

For example, if you’re jogging on a trail, the best shoes for you are stable and comfortable ones. On another hand, you should go for something flexible and lightweight if you’re running on the road. That said, it is always best that you seek the advice of a specialist first.

Use a Treadmill

It is not always easy to leave bed early in the morning and go for a run in the cold, is it? Well, thankfully, there’s an alternative way to run without needing to go outside. A treadmill offers everything a runner needs to run, except the fresh air, of course. Workout on a treadmill makes exercising a lot easier. You can keep this equipment in your house and use it anytime you like. They give the same result you would get if you ran outside on the road.


Running is not only about lifting your legs. Every part of your body is involved! It is with this knowledge that you should position yourself rightly before starting the exercise. You’ll want to keep your head up and looking forward, your hips should be stable, your arms should swing back and forth, and your feet should land well. If you follow every advice given here, you’ll come to find running to be easy.

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