Is 30 Minutes a Day on Treadmill Enough To Lose Weight?

Is 30 minutes of Treadmill a Day Enough

Can a 30 minute workout be effective?

Whether you’re doing a fast treadmill workout or a long walk, the most important thing is to push yourself.

Running on a treadmill for 30 minutes keeps you fit, active and healthy.

It’s helpful for weight management and improves your fitness level.

A 30-minute run consumes between 200 and 500 calories.

That’s an excellent stride toward your weight reduction objective.

Be regular, and soon you will notice positive changes in your body as well as mind.

How to Run For 30 Minutes on a Treadmill

Start Slowly

If you work out every day, then running for 30 minutes will not be a challenging task.

You need to adapt the movement of a treadmill and choose a comfortable speed that you can maintain.

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However, you might not be able to run for 30 minutes as a beginner. Yes, you need some practice even if you are young and energetic. Practice will make your body habitual of the new movements.

Take some time to build up the energy and stamina you need to run for 30 minutes.

Don’t think you are wasting time because it’s good for you. The process will make you less prone to injuries because the body adapts to new movements and works accordingly.

If you are going to a gym, then do not compare yourself to other runners.

It’s not a race, and hence, you should take your own time to reach the given duration. Don’t worry even if you are overweight.

It will take some time to get 30 minutes, but you can achieve this goal with determination. Your body might take some extra days if you are old because the muscles are not habitual of the new movements.

You can enjoy multiple health benefits if you aim to work out for 30 minutes on a treadmill every day.

Be regular with your exercising schedule and maintain a constant speed while running. Don’t try to run at a high pace. Be slow in the initial days, and try to boost your running speed in the upcoming weeks.

As we discussed, you don’t have to compete with anyone. Don’t exhaust yourself by racing with other runners.

You have to build stamina to work out for 30 minutes and see how many calories you can lose. But, let’s talk about speed first.

Do not focus on speed.

As we suggested multiple times, speed is not essential in the initial days. Even professionals do not try to run at high pace during their training programs.

Experts are only maintaining their fitness, but you are a newcomer.

Think about speed once you complete 30 minutes of running on a treadmill.

Start with jogging to warm up your body, and then try to increase the pace. You have to take it easy.

We will discuss a work plan that you can follow. Again, do not try to run at your maximum speed.

Otherwise, you will not be able to complete 30 minutes, especially if you are a newcomer. You might find the first week challenging, but everything will be accessible from the second week onwards.

30 Minute Beginner Treadmill Workout

The given workout is suitable for all users under 40 years. It works even if you are slightly overweight. You will start with 5 minutes, which is feasible if you maintain a comfortable speed. Warm-up your body for 5 minutes by walking or jogging before starting the running session. Plus, cool down by walking once it’s over.

  • Week 1: Run for 5 minutes: three days without any gap.
  • Week 2: Run for 8 minutes: three days without any gap
  • Week 3: Run for 11 minutes: three days without any gap
  • Week 4: Run for 15 minutes: three days without any gap
  • Week 5: Run for 20 minutes: three days without any gap
  • Week 6: Run for 25 minutes: three days a week without any gap
  • Week 7: Run for 30 minutes on the first day. Try to work out five days a week for the best results.

Choose any of the three days for the workout. The routine we discussed above grows slowly and gives you enough time to adapt the movements.

You can easily accomplish 30 minutes of running by following this workout.

Regular running for half an hour strengthens your lower body, helps you in weight loss and improves your cardiovascular mechanism.

If you are a bit overweight, you will find the running session more accessible from the third week onwards.

If you are obese or elderly, repeat one week if you cannot increase the running time. It will help you to lose weight and achieve high levels of fitness.

Suppose you wish to weight loss then keep a check on your calorie intake. Consume nutrient-rich diet and avoid junk foods. Replace snacks with fruit and vegetables.

How Many Calories Will You Burn?

Walking, jogging or running for 30 minutes on a treadmill is sufficient to burn a significant amount of calories.

We suggest that you maintain a speed of 8 km/h. Here, we are recommending workouts for men and women. You can include the incline according to your fitness levels.

  • Suggested speed: 5.2 mph
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Weight: 170 pounds (average for a woman)
  • Calories burned: 364


  • Speed: 5.2 mph
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Weight: 198 pounds (average for a man)
  • Calories burned: 424

Besides regular running on a treadmill, it will help if you also focus on a balanced diet.

But, do not stay hungry for a long time or starve yourself.

Instead, consume meals that includes a lots of protein. Plus, avoid any eatables that contain starch.

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Recommended Physical Activities

Most of the fitness establishments suggest all of us to involve in regular workouts. According to them, around 150 minutes of exercises per week is suitable to keep an adult fit and active.

So, you can run for five days every week to maintain your health. If you cannot workout out for 150 minutes every week, try for at least 75 minutes.

You can enjoy multiple advantages within few weeks of regular exercising.

Weight management is one of the primary benefits of a daily workout. But, this is not it. It also strengthens your lungs and heart.

Moreover, such activities cure and prevent most diseases, including cancers, liver problems, bone diseases and any mental troubles.

If fitness or regular workout were a capsule, people would make it famous.

Most of the world will call it a miracle medicine. After all, we always look towards science for any development.

But, when it comes to working out, even experts suggest regular workouts. Make sure you consult your doctor before including something new to your workout schedule.

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What speed on treadmill to run 5k in 30 minutes?

To finish 5k in 30 minutes, you need to cover one mile within 9 minutes and 40 seconds. So, run at 5 km/h to cross the mark. Read more: How do you do Couch to 5K on Treadmill?

How to run on a treadmill beginners?

The first step is to plan a workout schedule for 3 to 5 days a week. Try to work out for 20 to 30 minutes. Do not run fast in the initial days. Start with 5 minutes of running in the first week, then increase it to 8 minutes in the next week. Check the workout programs we discussed above to reach 30 minutes of running in the 7th week.

What speed to run on treadmill to lose weight?

Run anywhere between 12 to 16 km/h to lose weight. Try to run for 20 to 30 minutes 5 days a week for effective results.

Final talk

If you want to feel amazingly confident, then work out on a treadmill for 30 minutes every day.

It might be a challenging lifestyle to follow initially, but the results are very extraordinary. So, make no excuses and try to exercise at least five times a week.

Make it a habit to exercise regularly. Walking, jogging, and running are natural movements, which means any human being can follow them easily. You simply need to get up and start.

Don’t worry if you fail. But learn and try to improve. Follow the tips and points we discussed above to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes every day.