Is Sprinting on a Treadmill Effective?

Is Sprinting on a Treadmill Effective

Sprinting is running quickly over a short distance.

It is used by athletes in sports that involve running, usually to reach a target or goal, or to catch or avoid an opponent.

Experienced athletes practice sprints on a running track. It’s easy because you can easily keep an eye on the distance and run at your maximum speed.

But what if there are no running tracks around your residence?

Or maybe the weather is too bad to go out. The only hope is a treadmill because you can perform sprints on this machine.

It’s not very challenging to practice such workouts on a treadmill. Let’s discuss how you can do it.

Is Sprinting on a Treadmill Effective?

There is evidence that sprinting outdoors is better for a well-rounded workout.

Outdoor running can help you burn more calories and energy.

However, running on a treadmill can be more effective for cardiovascular training because you can add incline and intensity.

Sprinting on Treadmill Benefits

No matter what is your fitness level or how much you run. You can enjoy lots of benefits by practising sprints.

Such workouts are highly beneficial for your body and racing speed. You only have to try and run as you have never done before because it’s how this exercise works.

Sprint workouts are crafted to burn all the extra fat from your body and strengthen your muscles, but you need to be regular with your workouts.

Sprint exercises boost your endurance and stamina better than any other aerobic exercises.

So, these routines will help you run for a long time if you are preparing for a marathon. Plus, sprint routines will also allow you to run faster. Try invest 20 to 30 minutes every day, and you will enjoy better training than long runs.

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Sprints on a treadmill help you develop the leg muscles, especially when you are running past your body limits.

Strong legs are necessary so that they can support your knees and other joints.

With such a well-built structure, you will not be prone to injuries even you are training with heavy weights. Plus, sprints make your workout exciting and enjoyable.

Now you know some of the sprints on treadmill benefits, we will discuss a sample workout to improve your fitness levels.

Sprint Workouts on a Treadmill

We don’t recommend sprints to beginners. Attempt such workouts only if you have some months of treadmill training under your belt.

You can use any of the cardio machines for sprint workouts but prefer the treadmill.

Try to work out on a treadmill that has built-in handrails.

These works as support when you are exhausted, and immediate rest is required.

You can jump on the rails and rest for a few seconds.

The given workout comprises warm-up and relaxed downtime, which can be jogging or walking as per your strength and fitness level.

  • Warm-up your body for 5 minutes.
  • Run for 60 seconds at 12 km/h.
  • Sprint for 30 seconds at 15km/h. Repeat the previous two steps at least 10 times. Try to increase the reps as you adapt the movements.
  • Jog for 5 minutes to cool down your body.

The mentioned speeds are only recommendations because it’s your choice—sprint at any rate you can maintain for 30 seconds.

If you run at your maximum speed initially, then there are chances that you might not complete all the reps. But all these things are nearly negligible if you are an experienced user.

A skilful runner can also use the incline function for better results.

Sprints are hard on your body. So, either you should follow this workout only, or it should be the last attempt. Plus, invest some time to recover.

Tips for Safe Sprints on a Treadmill

Don’t try to access a moving belt: Never try to jump on and off a spinning tread belt. Such actions are not safe, especially when you are tired.

Jumping on a moving belt can also stress or strain your leg muscles. Above all, it’s not the best way to work out on a treadmill.

Use the safety clip: An emergency clip will stop the treadmill instantly in case you lose balance. Safety should be your priority while working out. So, use the emergency key while sprinting.

Don’t confine the treadmill: Keep your treadmill away from large objects and walls. It’s better to leave a space of at least 3 feet between the running machine and other fitness machines or furniture. Also, work out one or two feet away from the front of your treadmill.

Maintain good form: Do you want to outspeed the guy running next to you? Or you might want to match a particular pace after seeing a video on YouTube. Let’s make it easy; don’t take such actions.

Use 90 to 100 per cent of maximum power or energy and maintain a good form. If you devote all your efforts to maintain a high speed, then the chances of injuries automatically increase.

Stay focused: Be attentive towards your movements on a treadmill. Switch off the cellphones and do not try to guide someone while working out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you make treadmill sprints?

We recommend that you perform treadmill sprints three to five times per week. Take one or two days of rest to recover.

What speed is sprinting on a treadmill?

The speed varies between 10 to 16 km/h. But, it will help if you don’t worry about the treadmill sprint speed kph. Do not sacrifice all your efforts to maintain a high speed. Use 90 to 100 per cent of your power to achieve high rates and recover by jogging for 30 seconds or more, depending upon the workout program.

Can I do sprints every day?

Sprint workouts are efficient to burn calories, tone your body and improve cardiovascular mechanism. However, these routines are very demanding. Hence, you should perform sprints 3 to 5 days every week.

Bottom Line

Sprint workouts are similar to high-level intensity training (HIIT), which is practised by many athletes nowadays.

High-intensity activities include fast running sessions followed by short recovery time. Hence, these exercises are interesting, enjoyable and strengthen your body on a different level.

Your body adapts to your daily workouts. But, sprints and HIIT is not easy to understand, which is the primary motive here.

However, these routines are challenging and are not recommended for beginners. If you are a newcomer to the fitness world, try less demanding workouts like fartlek, interval and tempo. You can use a treadmill to perform all these exercises.