Is Treadmill Good For abs?

Is Treadmill Good For abs

You aren’t restricted to working your legs when it comes to treadmill exercises.

You can get a fantastic abdominal and core workout with some attention and effort.

The guide below explains in detail Is treadmill good for abs.

Treadmills Do Work The Core

Running on a treadmill will help you work your core, as you require an excellent stomach to stabilize yourself while running or walking.

You don’t just get the six-pack you are looking for on a treadmill alone. What a treadmill can do is help you lose belly fat.

Typically, this is an essential step towards getting a good stomach.

You can have a firm abdomen and a fantastic set of six-packs, but no one will see you if you are overweight or obese.

Fortunately, the treadmill will help you to reduce your BMI and expose your large abdominal muscles. In a nutshell, what you need from a treadmill is to lose weight.

Knowing Your Abdomen

When people think of the abdominal muscle, they think of the rectus abdominals, a flat strip of muscle tissues that run down the body between the chest and the pubic bone.

In the real sense, external inclinations on both sides of the rectus abdominals and internal tissues that run at right angles below the outer tissues make up your abdomen.

The transverse abdominal are a deep stomach muscle that contains internal organs and removes air from the lungs during exercise.

Engaging your Abs on The Treadmill Exercises

When you walk or sprint on a treadmill, you activate the rectus abdominals and rectus muscle to stabilize and keep your body upright and stabilize the pelvis.

The workload of these muscles increases as you raise your speed and start running.

The obliques and rectus abdominals work hard to stabilize the trunk and pelvis when walking or running on a treadmill as you increase the breathing rate, the transverse abdominal work more to push air out of the lungs.

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Treadmill Exercises That Reveal the Abs

Therefore, it is the weight loss that you require to expose the abs, and it will take some work.

Usually, losing weight on a treadmill involves running long and slow to burn those calories. You can also lose calories with a simple diet, but you will still need a significant amount of food if you exercise regularly.

The following are some treadmill routines that will reduce your waist a few inches and slowly reveal your abdomen.

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Six-pack Abdominal Workouts

Take sessions on alternate days to strengthen your stomach and help you build a healthy gut.

Carry out abs twists to exercise the obliques. You can as well seek advice from bodybuilders on how to train your abdomen.

Sprint and abs hold

In this routine, you will mainly use the handrails. Start with a gentle warm-up at a jogging speed for 5 to 10 minutes.

Increase speed and incline to about 3% and run for 30 seconds. Turn off the belt safely to avoid slipping and hold on to the handrails and then raise your body off the deck.

Lock your arms and lift your knees to your chest. Keep your body as straight as possible and your feet together.

Hold the position for 20 seconds before you lower yourself. Put your feet on the treadmill sides for around 10 seconds, and then turn on the treadmill again.

Carefully jump onto the belt again and run for about 30 seconds. Keep repeating this pattern for 20-30 minutes before cooling slightly for 5 minutes.

When you raise yourself, you have the option to lift the knees. For your safety, ensure that the treadmill belt is not moving before using the knee lifts.

Slowly lower, lift your knees to your chest, and lower your feet slowly back to the treadmill belt in a smooth, fluid-like motion.

Your chest and triceps work perfectly while supporting your weight at the same time.

Trying to isolate the stomach on a treadmill requires a lot of mental and physical strength.

Always pay close attention to your movements to avoid stripping. If you work with a good technique, you will see great results.


In conclusion, you can agree that marathon runners mostly have a good abdomen.

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However, we are not advising for a marathon run, but this is the beginning.

When you lose enough weight using exercises, diet, or a combination of both, your abs will begin to appear more and more.

These workouts and routines work for both men and women, although the muscles get more muscular in men.

It takes commitment to see results, but being an exercise, it is enjoyable.


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