Is Treadmill Good For Toning?

The objective and excellent side effects of exercise are to tone your body.

Treadmills are versatile exercise machines that can help you lose body weight by burning calories and tone your muscles.

If you have 30 minutes a day, three to four days a week, you can tone your body on the treadmill.

The treadmill burns more calories more than any other type of fitness equipment. It can use the whole body and is very effective at that.

It can tone your body incredibly well and is very comfortable, unlike running outdoors.

If you already have a treadmill, there are no excuses as to why you should fail to tone your body. If you are thinking of buying one, this is an excellent investment. They have a very positive effect on the body and the mind as well.

The following guide will help you understand how a treadmill can tone your body.

The body parts that a treadmill tones

You will be exercising the whole body even though you want to tone specific parts. You can achieve all of these through regular exercise; a part of the body-toning process is weight loss. It gives more shape and burns fat. Burning calories during treadmill workouts help your body tone.

Women often want to tone their buttocks, legs, and thighs.

A treadmill can do this because these parts of the body are put into direct use if you are running, jogging, or walking. You will lose inches around the buttocks and your thighs with a good exercise routine like the ones below.

Men generally want to tone their stomach and possibly their legs. The abdomen, in most cases, is the most popular target during an exercise that effectively transforms your body. The reason for doing the exercise is to help you lose weight and build muscle to create a firm, toned body.

This guide extensively talks about how often you should train on a treadmill.

How often you should exercise

Below is a detailed explanation of how often you should exercise for the best results. You may need to train on the treadmill regularly, which can be a change in lifestyle for some. When you are not exercising, you will feel that you are missing an essential routine. In addition to toning the body, exercise has many benefits that can significantly improve your health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), you should exercise 75 to 150 minutes a week for significant health benefits. One of these advantages is the perfect body toning you will achieve. It may seem like a lot of time, but you can divide it into days of the week. Besides, it depends on the type of exercise you are doing, which can be moderate or intense.

Moderate exercise is like brisk walking, and intense exercise is running or jogging. However, you can make a brisk walk on a treadmill as an intense workout using an incline. To attain moderate physical activity, the WHO says you should do around 150 minutes and 75 strenuous minutes. This guide suggests 30 minutes a day three times a week which fits the WHO recommendations.

Treadmill exercises to tone your body

There are several running and walking routines that can help tone your body. Both are quick activities and will help you achieve 30 minutes a day. You may not be able to do this immediately if you are not familiar with treadmill workouts. Your body gets familiar with more prolonged and intense routines, and so the length of time increases over weeks of training.

Do not forget to warm up and cool down during these exercises as it prepares the muscles for training and relaxes them. All you need is a 5-minute treadmill warm-up time and 5 minutes after exercise cool-down time. If you do this before and after exercise, you can include stretching, although it is unnecessary.

Walking workout

Depending on your height, you are going to some intense brisk walking at around three mph. It can be too fast for you if you are short or too slow if you are long. Set the slope to 3%. You should include the inclination to make training more difficult and to burn calories for better body toning.

  • Speed: 3 miles per hour
  • Slope: 3%
  • First week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 10 minutes a day
  • Second week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 15 minutes
  • Third week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 20 minutes
  • Fourth week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 25 minutes
  • Fifth week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 30 minutes
  • Calorie consumption every 30 minutes: 270

Other treadmill exercises aim at weight loss, but they can be suitable for anyone who wants to tone their body. For a workout, you should put a 6% incline, which should feel difficult for you.

Jogging workout

Speed ​​does not matter when you are toning your body. You don’t burn much more calories, and you can get hurt if you drive too fast. So, be slow and steady to win the race using the advisable jogging speed. It may be difficult for you as there are weeks to build up to 30 minutes.


  • Speed: 5.2 miles per hour
  • Slope: zero / flat
  • First week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 5 minutes a day
  • Second week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 10 minutes
  • Third week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 15 minutes
  • Fourth week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 20 minutes
  • Fifth week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 25 minutes
  • Sixth week: Days 1, 2, and 3: 30 minutes
  • Calories you burn every 30 minutes: 390

It is not advisable to jog on inclines. Running uphill for 30 minutes is unnatural and can cause injury. The 3-mile long coach is very similar to the one above, but it includes more extended build-up and more walking.

Hill workout

When you use a treadmill incline to simulate hill racing, the exercise becomes more intense, and the leg muscles, especially the quadriceps group in front of each thigh, are toned. As with interval training, the scope of hill running exercises has imagination limits. The treadmill doesn’t angle downwards, so you can’t simulate a descent.

However, you can gradually increase and gradually decrease the incline to measure the sensation of walking on uphill and downhill slopes. For example, start the climb in your workout by setting the hill to 5%. Add 10% after 30 seconds and then decrease 5% in the second half of the minutes. Simulate a more significant hill with a 5% tilt, adjusting the settings every 30 seconds, increasing them to 10%, 15%, and then decreasing them to 10% and 5% before finishing with the level surface.

Begin your HIIT workout after five minutes on the treadmill warming up. Start your active sessions by making almost all the effort for 30 seconds. It is advisable to do between 80 and 85% of your maximum effort. Then, take a 90-second break. The cool-down period should be 30-35% of the top active session time.

Repeat the activity and recovery cycles until you complete 10 to 12 intervals. After training, you can cool off by jogging slowly and a bit of stretching so that your heart rate returns to normal.

Combining hills and intervals

Combine hills and interval training to maximize muscle toning and burn calories on the treadmill in the same session. Instead of increasing the treadmill’s speed in the intense parts of interval training, keep your speed constant and increase the incline.

For example, you can run at a steady pace with no hills to warm up and increase the angle to 4% per minute. Alternatively, one minute of running on a slope and two minutes of running on a level surface for the remainder of the session can do the trick. You can increase the intensity by utilizing a higher incline setting.

HIIT and tone

Following your workout can help you work as hard as you may need to during HIIT training. If it’s been six weeks, and you may want to tone your leg muscles, you can try adding more variety to your HIIT exercises.

For instance, if you are running at an incline and the same speed during active sessions, try increasing the speed or slightly increasing the angle. Even a tiny increase in rate or gradient leads to a significant effect. Adding hills to a 30-second run can also improve tone because the leg muscles work differently than they would on a flat surface.

Lose weight to tone your body

The goal of body toning is to keep your legs, thighs, buttocks, and stomach in shape. The secret is that there should be less body fat from these parts. That is why the number of calories you burn in your exercise on the treadmill is essential. Weight loss burns fat and reveals the actual body shape that you are desiring.

Exercise is not the only part of losing weight, as your diet can be just as important. If you overeat, your exercise may not affect what you are trying to achieve. Eat only three meals and around two snacks a day and try to keep the right portions. Exercise can cause hunger, but try not to eat more than necessary.

Time duration for the results to be visible

It is not that overweight people do not want to tone their bodies, but it indicates how long it takes. At the beginning of the treadmill exercises, your weight will determine how long it will take to get in shape. Overweight people start losing weight within a week or two. In case you are overweight, you will lose more weight in the beginning because you burn more calories.

Those who are not losing a lot of weight and want muscle toning or better-shaped smooth thighs will see the results in weeks. It doesn’t take long because the body tends to adapt once you subject it to stress and exercise. Every part of your body that has excess weight improves faster.

After reaching your ideal weight and body toning, keep exercising to maintain it. That way, a desirable new shape stays with you. It may take weeks before you get the results you want, and so it would be a shame not maintaining the shape and body toning. After changing the routine, follow it to keep the benefits you are feeling and seeing.

Consider resistance workouts

In case you want to get the body you want, you can try resistance exercises, such as sitting and squatting. The World Health Organization recommends doing resistance two days a week, and not just cardio. You do not require all the equipment, like weights, dumbbells, and barbells. You can do these exercises with anything you find at home, and they don’t take a long time.

For the squat, there is something difficult to hold and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and then bend. Repeat this ten times nonstop. Rest for a few minutes and start again, which means you do two sets. Do sit-ups, around 10-15 nonstop, cool-down, and repeat. Do the same for bench presses and shoulder presses, and that is enough.

The squat works on the glutes, that is, the muscles of the buttocks. Besides, it works on the muscles in the front and behind the legs. They are excellent for obtaining an aesthetic shape in the lower part of the body. You can find equipment to perform these exercises at the gym if you have the time, inclination, and money. However, for body toning, you will see the best results using treadmill workouts.


In conclusion, the treadmill tones your body well, but you need to put in the effort. When you’re ready to put time and energy into workouts, you will see impressive results. Everyone in the family can use a treadmill, and as you may be exercising to tone your body, other family members enjoy all kinds of treadmill benefits. Besides, governments and organizations around the world recommend these exercises. In a nutshell, treadmill workouts are the best for body toning, and you will see the results quite quickly.

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