Pilates Clothes What To Wear?

Knowing how strenuous your first Pilate class is probably going to be, the last thing you want is to not have the right clothing on.

When it comes to workouts, the kind of clothes you put on is very important. Make any mistake, and you’ll feel uncomfortable all through your training, that’s how important choosing the right fitness wear is.

We understand that it can be a little difficult to determine what you should wear for your Pilates class.

This is why we’ve come up with this article. Should you go for expensive fitness gear or just focus on comfort-ability?

What To Wear To Pilates?

Let’s check out what type of pilates workout clothes you should wear;

So, What Should You Wear?

There are cheap fitness clothing and there are expensive ones as well.  From experience, we have found out that costlier fitness clothes are better. They often fit well, offer greater support, and are hardly ever baggy.

As a beginner, you shouldn’t invest too much on workout clothes just yet. Take your time to find out the kind of clothes that works best for you and buy more as you advance.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Fitness Wear

Pilates Clothing for Women


  • A good T-shirt will serve you just fine. Put a sweatshirt on it and it’ll be even better. Try not to wear baggy sweats. Though the shirt doesn’t have to glue to your skin, choose something that will allow your instructor to see your alignment either on or off a reformer. Pilates reformer machine reviews will give you an idea of how great Pilates machines are, in case you plan to get one.
  • Pick round neck Ts over low cut ones. Certain exercises will require you to lie face down while lifting the upper part of your body. With this posture, low cut shirts can become revealing.


  • The pair of trousers you choose should never be baggy. Leggings are great. Why? Your instructor needs to be able to see your posture so they can correct you when you’re doing something the wrong way.
  • However, make sure your leggings are not transparent. You don’t want your body distracting anyone. Picture yourself in a Pilate class exercising with your back against the floor and your legs dangling in space. Yes. You get the picture, right?
  • Run away from trousers that have thick waistbands. These things tend to inconvenience you.

Sports Bra’s

  • This is probably the most important piece of clothing to invest in as a woman beginning her Pilates journey. Sports Bras are designed to provide support to breasts during workouts.
  • Invest in this piece of clothing so you can prevent any ligament stretching, tissue damage, and other damages that develop from putting extra strain on your breasts.

Socks and Shoes

  • You don’t need shoes to do Pilates exercises. The workouts are often done barefooted or with only socks.
  • For starters, normal socks will do. However, you can buy non-slip ones if you want.

Pilates Clothing for Men


  • As always, nothing very baggy is welcomed Go for something slim-fitting just to help your teacher see your body alignment well.


  • Shorts are short. So, if you must wear them, endeavour to wear tight-fitting ones since your legs are going to be up in space most of the time.