Treadmill Dangers and Safety Around Children

Treadmills can be an excellent addition for professionals and family houses, especially for individuals who cannot visit the gym every day.

However, you should take precautions while using such a large and powerful machine, especially if there are kids in your house.

Thousands of adults and children reach the emergency room due to injuries related to treadmills. Some of them die every year because of such incidents.

Children are small, and so is their body parts, especially fingers. So, their hands or fingers can easily get caught in the belt movement of a treadmill.

Results can vary from removal of skin, burns, amputations, fractures and similar injuries. Hence, it would help if you are extra careful when you have kids and a treadmill in the house.

How to Stay Safe With a Treadmill?

We recommend that you place the treadmill and all other fitness machines behind a locked door. Do not choose an area wherein your children visit regularly. Never when the kids are in the same room, especially if they are less than 12 years of age.

The belt of a treadmills moves very fast, and it can damage someone’s fingers or hand. Such an unfortunate incident might happen when a child gets their fingers caught in the moving belt, especially where it meets the deck.

Be careful while working out, and do no leave a moving tread belt unattended. We suggest that you use a safety key to stop the treadmill when you step away from it. So, the machine will be safe for your kids even if you forget to stop it.

Why Should You Choose a Separate Room for Fitness Machines?

No danger of someone using your treadmill accidentally – it’s the primary reason why we suggest that you keep all workout equipment in a separate room.

Turn off the running machine and unplug its power cable even if the home gym is locked.

This way, you will be assured that none of the family members can turn the treadmill on accidentally.

Children will not prefer to enter a room that generally remains locked. You can also train them not to access the area, especially when you are working out.

Do not allow any of the kids near the treadmill, especially if they are less than 12 years of age. You can allow them to use the running machine once they are more than 12 years old, which also depends upon their maturity.

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How Can Treadmill Cause Injuries To Kids?

Treadmills are complex machines, and they are not recommended for kids. So, we suggest that you train your children to stay away from when you are working out. If you want to know the reasons, then check the given points.

Moving tread belt: If any of the kid’s fingers come in contact with a mowing treadmill, then it can pull his or her hair, clothes, fingers or anything else. So, make sure no one is carelessly playing around when you are working out.

Running track: Kids might misunderstand a treadmill as their playing ground. There are chances that one of them might stand on the tread belt, play with the buttons, and the results are easy to imagine.

Power cable: Imagine a 3 year-old on treadmill. All right, let’s not go that hard on the kid. Imagine the child with the treadmills power cord. What can you expect? So, keep in mind that treadmills and kids are not made for each other.

Most treadmill accidents happen because children lose their balance on a moving tread belt, and they fall off.

Apart from that, there is also a belt trap that can harm their skin, muscles and bones. Some of the cases even require amputations and plastic surgery for recovery. Sometimes, the kids also suffered concussions, fractures and similar injuries.

Kids and Workout

Children are generally active during the day time, and hence they get enough physical activities for proper growth. So, they don’t have to use a treadmill unless the child is overweight.

Allow your kids to step on a treadmill once they start taking things seriously. Do you think they can understand the dangers of a moving tread belt? Do they know their limits? Can they understand that a treadmill is not a joke? Think about all the points, and then allow your kids to use the running machine.

Non-motorized treadmills are best.

If you live in a small flat wherein a separate room is not available for the workout machines, try a non-motorized treadmill. These tools are designed to offer the same benefits but without a motor.

It will help if you propel a manual treadmill by walking, jogging or running on it. Some of these models are also suitable for kids above 12 years of age. For instance, BECCYYLY Walking Machine is one of the best treadmills for women and kids.

How to baby proof treadmill – Tips?

  • Follow all the instructions mentioned by the treadmill manufacturer. Don’t leave a running tread belt unattended. Plus, take care of the machine and spent some time on its servicing.
  • Place your treadmill in such a way that you can see the doorway. So, you can see if one of your kids enter the home gym.
  • There is nothing called a child proof treadmill. So, place the safety key away from your treadmill so that no one starts it.
  • Organize the power cable so that none of the kids can easily access it.
  • Workout behind closed doors if there are kids in your house. If you are exercising in an open area, then you should stay alert. Make sure none of the young ones is approaching that your treadmill while it’s moving.
  • Do not try to reach out of reach things while you are on the treadmill. Keep the required things nearby. For instance, place your cellphone in the front pocket of your treadmill so that you don’t have to reach out when someone calls. You can apply the same for a water bottle or remote.
  • Do not hold your baby when you are using a treadmill.

Bottom line

As you can understand, child treadmill injury is expected if you are not careful. So, make some rules if you are a fitness enthusiast and you also some kids in the house.

A running machine and similar equipment are only for serious adults who want to live an active and healthy life. Not for an immature who is yet to understand the difference between toys and a treadmill.

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