Should You Put Your Treadmill In a Cold Garage?

It is quite tasking to visit the gym every time you want to exercise. Isn’t it? So, instead of going through all this stress, why not just buy your treadmill?

While this is a good idea, there is one thing that prevents many fitness enthusiasts from actually getting this equipment.

Like you know, a treadmill is a large machine, and before you buy it, you need to figure out how to store it. But what happens when you don’t have the required space for it in your house? Is the garage an appropriate and safe option for storing your precious treadmill?

In this article, we shall be providing both the advantages and disadvantages of storing your treadmill in a cold garage first. Then, we’ll give you quick tips for keeping yourself safe if you do decide to store the equipment in your garage.

Advantages of Storing Your Treadmill in the Garage

  1. Treadmills are noisy. However, when you put yours in your garage, you stop this noise from disturbing your sleeping kids or affecting anyone else inside the house.
  2. A treadmill is not the most decorative element to have in a home. As such, you can save yourself all the trouble of trying to make it blend with the rest of the house by just storing it in the garage.
  3. Keeping the machine in your garage helps to avoid accidents and injuries, especially if you have kids at home.
  4. Treadmills are bulky, and for those who have small houses, they tend to crowd the home further and make it claustrophobic. Keeping it in the garage solves this problem.
  5. While exercising, one tends to get sweaty and hot. However, when you exercise in the cold garage where you’ve stored your treadmill, you can stay more relaxed.
  6. It’s not healthy to have your house smelling like a gym. You can avoid this if you store your treadmill in the garage.


Disadvantages of Storing Your Treadmill in the Garage

  1. Manufacturers strongly recommended that you not keep your treadmill in a garage. This is because extreme weather conditions have a way of damaging the equipment. While heat does not pose too many problems, cold can ruin many parts of the machine and thus reduce its lifespan. Pieces like the screen LCD and belt are easy targets.
  2. Another worry that comes with storing treadmills in the garage is moisture. Water too can damage the machine if they can penetrate it. Sometimes, things like groundsheet and plastic covers are used to stop moisture from getting into the treadmill
  3. Apart from the already mentioned disadvantages, you also have to worry about dirt and dust when you store your treadmill in your garage. A garage is a storehouse for cars and other equipment. As such, it is always filled with dirt and dust. Meanwhile, when these dirt penetrate your treadmill and accumulate in it, they tend to spoil the machine.
  4. Those that love the view of the outdoors won’t get the chance to enjoy it while exercising in the garage. This is because garages often lack windows. As such, most fitness enthusiasts are likely to get bored and tired quickly.
  5. Even if you go ahead to store your treadmill in the garage, you’ll need to spend so much time and energy cleaning it. You shall also have to do this regularly.

Additional Safety Tips for Storing Your Treadmill in Your Garage

While the safety of your treadmill is important, it is even more Paramount to ensure your safety. Therefore, as you worry about the temperature, dirt, and moisture in your garage, and how they can affect your machine negatively, you also have to be aware of all the danger and harm that working out in a garage can cause you.

Doing a speedy treadmill workout in a garage holds many dangers. Putting your treadmill in the garage indeed has a lot of appeals, especially in terms of noise isolation. However, what will happens when you slip and fall? Because you’re far from the rest of the household, there’s a big chance that no one will hear you or come to your rescue.

Apart from this, remember how garages are always filled with various machines and different kinds of tools? Right. It definitely wouldn’t be palatable to fall on any of these things while working out. It is for this reason and much more that you should put some safety precautions in place first before going ahead to use the treadmill in your garage.

To start with, place your treadmill in a strategic area. By this, we mean an area with enough space around such that if something unexpected happens or anything goes wrong, you’re not likely to fall on something dangerous. As a rule, there should be nothing less than five feet of free space at the back of your treadmill. If this is not possible in your garage, it is advised that you store your treadmill somewhere else. By doing this, you’ll be saving yourself from many injuries.

Weigh Different Options Before Storing Your Treadmill in Your Garage

Despite all the dangers putting treadmills in a garage poses, some people are forced to do it anyway because of the limited space in their houses. Many people come out to say that they’ve been storing their treadmill in the garage for over two years, yet it is still in good shape.

Now, this may or may not be valid. Rather than merely believing this, you should consider the pros and cons of this option thoroughly before going ahead to store it. You can also weigh other options like storing it inside your house or in places like your basement.

Treadmills are a considerable investment, and you don’t want to purchase it only for it to get damaged in no time. One way to avoid this is by storing it appropriately. If you do choose to keep it in your garage, make sure to monitor the machine well and protect it from the cold as much as you can. That said, do well to follow every single tip that we’ve provided here. They will help you a lot.

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