11 Fantastic Ways To Stay Motivated While Running On The Treadmill

Have you ever come across anyone who doesn’t want to be fit? Probably not. If you are sincere yourself, you’ll agree that you’ve once caught yourself envying those fitness and health models on Instagram.

However, as gorgeous as those models look, their impressive body was not achieved in a day. Anyone who wants to be fit must be patient, persistent and devoted.

Many believe the treadmill to be monotonous workout equipment. Perhaps this is why when working out on the machine, most fitness enthusiasts get bored quickly and eventually end the session in frustration.

However, what you need to enjoy every minute of your workout on your treadmill are focus and motivation.

Have you been promising yourself to get serious with your workout but haven’t been able to stay focused long enough? You need to keep reading. Here are the 11 sure ways to make yourself sufficiently motivated as you exercise on your treadmill.

Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated on a Treadmill

1. Set Daily Goals

One of the best ways to make sure you remain focused is to set goals. Waking up every day with a purpose, aim or objective helps you to make the best of that day and live purposefully. In the same vein, if you must remain motivated as you work on your treadmill, you need to set a goal for yourself for each day that you work out on your treadmill. It could be to run longer than you’re used to or to try out a new speed. Either way, you’ll surely stay motivated.

2. Adopt The Right Attitude Towards Training

Before youAdopt The Right Attitude Towards Training begin your workout sessions, you’ve got to ask yourself, why am I doing this? More often than not, what we need to keep us going are questions like this that remind us of how bad we want to achieve something.

Once we recollect why all our hard work is worth it, we start to adopt the right attitude towards our exercises. No more dread or boredom, only enthusiasm, and persistence. Once you believe you can do it, you’ll do every workout on your treadmill to the very end.

3. Add Some Spice

Amongst the many causes of boredom when using the treadmill is repetition. Seriously, who would keep doing something over and over and not eventually get bored? So, the right solution to this problem is to add a little spice to your sessions. Irrespective of what many people may think, the treadmill offers a variety of workout choices.

If you’ve been running at the same speed for a while, change it. Also, cover more distance than you used to. Plus, you need not just stick to running or jogging alone. Try other exercises like the treadmill hill workout, sidewinder, and the gauntlet workout. You’ll enjoy them all.

4. Keep the Room Ventilated

Because you’re not in the outdoors where there are ample air and breeze to keep you cool, you must find a means of staying cool as your treadmill. Typically, when we exercise, we tend to get hot and sweaty.

Once you start getting irritated by all this heat, you tend to lose interest and abandoned your workout. It is to prevent this that you should find a way to keep the atmosphere you’re exercising in cool and well ventilated. This way, you can stay focused and motivated all through the exercise.

5. Introduce Intervals

Especially for beginners, the surest way to get bored quickly as you use your treadmill is to try going 1 hour straight without any interval. Intervals or rest are one of the best ways to reduce and cope with the stressful impact of a cardio machine on your body. So, why not divide the workout into small sessions. By doing this, you get a little time to catch your breath before any further workout.

6. Don’t Do it Alone.

Can you remember that sayings about two being better than one? Well, it applies here too. Working out all by yourself can get lonely and boring sometimes. Perhaps if you had the company of a friend or two, you’d be better motivated to follow through. While working out can compete with your friends to add fun to workout session.

7. Give Yourself A Challenge

Nothing will motivate you more than challenging yourself to a duel. Challenging yourself is all about testing your limits. And because there usually a goal in mind, challenges help you build endurance. Avoid doing the routine every day. Aim to achieve more on your treadmill, and you’ll be too occupied to remember how boring working on your treadmill used to be.

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8. Stay Hydrated

If there’s only one advantage of working out in the indoors, it is that you get the opportunity to grab a drink whenever you need it. As you exercise on your treadmill, you tend to lose a lot of the water in your body.

However, water, juices, and energy drinks are known to help replenish strength and keep you hydrated throughout the exhausting workout session. Make sure to drink water, lots of it because by doing so, you’ll enjoy better stamina and won’t feel tired quickly.

9. Forget About The Console

If you’ve made a habit of always checking your treadmill’s console to see how fast it is ticking, then you need to stop it. Most times the console appear to be ticking too slowly, and this will only make you frustrated. Therefore, an easy trick is to cover the console and pretend it doesn’t exist. Rather than throwing curious glances at the mill’s console every second, focus on your running or music and enjoy the workout.

10. Keep Yourself Entertained

If you aim to remain motivated while using a treadmill, then you should find a means of entertaining yourself as you exercise. There are many options; play your favourite music, or watch an exciting movie. Music has its way of motivating and is the first strategy you should consider.

If, however, you choose to watch a video, make sure you’re not craning your neck to view the screen. You should also make sure you’re not bending forward to catch a better view of the TV. This can be harmful to your body.

11. Find Yourself A Role Model

Find Yourself A Role Model

Have you found that one person you envy so much in the fitness world and would love to look like? If you haven’t, it’s time you did. Idealising someone who is already fit will keep you motivated, especially if you stare at them as you work out. This is to remind yourself of what you’re aiming for so that you don’t get off track.


It is one thing to dream about that perfect body, and another to work towards achieving it. And truth be told, building a fit body is hard work.

Nevertheless, at least now you know various ways to get yourself back on track anytime you think you might be giving up. Staying motivated on your treadmill will become a piece of cake once you employ the tips provided here.


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