What Happens if a Treadmill Gets Wet?

A treadmill comprises multiple internal parts that are responsible for performing different functions.

For instance, a motor powers the tread belt rotation, and an incline motor allows you to adjust the slopes.

The console contains a lot of buttons to control your workout. None of these components is designed to deal with moisture.

But it depends upon the level of exposure and whether a treadmill can withstand it. Let’s discuss this in detail.

How to handle When Your Treadmill Get Wet?


You cannot avoid sweating while working out on a treadmill. Whether you are walking, jogging or running, you will sweat after some regular movements.

You cannot stop the sweat from getting everywhere, especially on the treadmill. It’s common because your body overheats after exercising for some time, even if you wear the thinnest clothes available.

Fortunately, the treadmill is designed to deal with sweat. You will see that its motor is covered, the console has plastic protection, and the frame has a special coating for rust protection.

Still, please wipe clean the machine after every workout session. Its belt can absorb sweat, so you should try and remove the moisture if possible.

Think of a busy gym wherein treadmills are used by multiple individuals every day. Do they stop working due to sweat? No, because they are cleaned regularly with detergent. Do not spray anything on the machine. Instead, wipe it using a damp cloth.


It’s where the problem starts and might result in damage. The consequences depend upon what you have split, in what amount and on which part of the treadmill. It could be the water from your bottle or pre-workout drink.

If the liquid is chemical, then you need to consider other points before taking any action. So, a lot of things depends upon the situation and your judgement in this case.

Stop the tread belt as fast as possible and unplug the treadmill. Use a cloth to soak up all the excess liquid. If the water reaches the motor while it’s functioning, then it could lead to damages. So, let the machine dry for some time.

Once you are confident that the moisture is gone, plug back the treadmill and try to turn it on. Please do not step on the treadmill until you make sure that it’s working correctly.

If you spill anything on the front console, stop the treadmill, soak all the water, and let the machine dry. As we discussed, it’s a trouble if you spill on the motor, which is generally located at the front and has a protective cover. There are multiple wires carrying power from the engine to other parts of the machine under the body. So, none of these components likes to get wet.

If you have the right tools, you can remove the motor cover to see what lies beneath. The process is easy and might help you to diagnose and fix the problem. You should take out the surface only if the treadmill is not behaving normally after drying it.

If the machine is under warranty, then it’s best to contact its manufacturer. Such damage might void the contract, but at least you will get an expert solution.


It would be best if you do not store a treadmill outside the house. None of its manufacturers recommends outdoor storage, even if the machine is covered. One of the reasons you should not leave the treadmill free is humidity, which can reduce its lifespan.

It will help if you do not store the treadmill in the garage due to the same factor. However, there are waterproof treadmill covers available in the market that protects the machine from getting wet. But what if it’s raining while the device is outside?

To determine the level of damage, you need to determine how long the machine was idle. If the treadmill got rained on and is in contact with moisture for a long time, its belt might not work. Try to dry the machine and test its functionality. Contact a professional to know the right solution if you cannot fix the treadmill.

Keep your treadmill safe from rain. If you want to transport it to another place, choose a day when there are no rain forecasts. A treadmill has covers to keep it safe.

Still, moisture and water can make their way through the gaps. You need to follow similar steps if the machine gets wet accidentally by a garden hose or sprinkler.


What if your residence is flooded and the treadmill is on the ground floor? Can you save the unit from water? Well, it might not be possible because such fitness machines are generally heavy.

The treadmill might need a lot of repair works if it was affected by a flood. So, the best option is to keep it safe from such disasters. Put it on higher ground if your region is prone to floods. Most of the heavy-duty treadmill is available with a steel frame that’s coated with a protective layer. Still, it can rust internally if left in contact with water for a long time.

Some of the repair companies would not touch your treadmill if it is affected by flood. Do you know why? They don’t want to involve in situations wherein serious accident can happen due to internal water damage. A few of them could check the machine and wrote a report for the insurance company. But, none of them will attempt to repair it.

We have seen s a lot of solutions like drain the water from treadmill sides, leave the unit alone for seven days and then try to fire its motor. The given solution might work, but what about the treadmill’s frame. What if it’s rusted from inside? It’s the reason why you should not repair and reuse a flood-affected treadmill. Consider replacement instead.

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Is it Cost-effective to Repair the Treadmill?

Suppose you repair the treadmill successfully. But, do you think that it will live a long life? What if something else goes wrong after a year?

You might repair the treadmill or replace its faulty parts. But, you need to stop at some point because it’s not a wise idea to keep investing in something that’s not ready to work anymore.

What could be the solution? Discuss with the repair company or professional about the damage and act accordingly. Safety should be your priority. So, get an honest opinion from an expert. You can replace the treadmill, but not your health and body.

Can you Keep a Treadmill in the Garage?

It will help if you do not store a treadmill in the garage because of the temperature changes and humidity, which might harm its internal parts. Plus, the accumulation of dirt within the motor and belt will make this machine prone to damage.

If you are placing the running machine in the garage, then use a waterproof treadmill cover for protection when you are not using it.

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Can You Use a Treadmill Outside?

Working out in the garden with fresh air and beautiful plant is something that you cannot miss. So, choose a shaded place that sees the minimal amount of sunlight, dirt and water. Clean the area using a vacuum, set an outdoor treadmill mat and place the treadmill.

It will help if you take the machine indoors after enjoying the workout sessions. In case you cannot take it inside, then it’s recommended that you protect it from all the external elements using a waterproof treadmill cover.

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The Bottom Line

A treadmill is a robust fitness machine as it can efficiently deal with all the feet pounding from multiple users. But, the tool is weak when it’s exposed to humidity and moisture. This running machine is a piece of electric equipment and hence, you need to keep it safe from water.

Your sweat will not have any effects, but spills and rains can do the damage.

Take good care of your treadmill, and it can easily last for 12 to 15 years. Do not use a water bottle with loose hands while you are on the tread belt. Try not to bring any other liquids near the unit.

It can offer a lot of benefits to your body. So, you should keep the machine dry and continue to enjoy an active and healthy body.

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