What Maintenance is Required For a Treadmill?

treadmill care and maintenance

Treadmills require regular maintenance, and you need to take care of them after each use.

That means you have to do something every week and every month.

Here we’ll discuss all about treadmill care and maintenance.

How To Maintain a Home Gym Treadmill Easily and Effectively

Make a Maintenance Schedule

When you have a treadmill, it is not good to purchase it; use it and leave it as is.

You should ensure you carry out some maintenance after each use and sometimes on every month or any other time you wish.

It is an investment that you cannot ignore or leave for a technician to handle it like a car every year.

You need make a maintenance schedule & apply it accordingly, which means you need to know how to carry out home treadmill maintenance.

Wiping out on the Treadmill (After Each Use)

As soon as you use the treadmill, you will probably sweat a lot, and this certainly causes the dust to circulate the room.

Clean the machine with a dry cloth to remove dust and sweat.

Do this after each use or weekly, even if you don’t use the device often, to prevent dust from entering the electronic components that house the console.

Do not spray detergent on the treadmill but use a cloth instead.

Vacuum the Machine (Bi-weekly)

Check that all screws are tight correctly and that the safety switch is working.

When vacuuming, be sure to clean around the treadmill, significantly below it.

You may need some help moving the device, but it is worth it.

You may need to make sure that dust does not accumulate during operation, as this can cause the machine to malfunction. A little bit of effort regularly will make the difference.

Remove The Engine Cover and Clean (Monthly)

Remove the plug from the socket and then remove the engine cover and vacuum around the engine.

Do not touch cables or other parts with a vacuum cleaner, as this will extend the life of the most vital part of the motor on the treadmill.

All of this takes care of the machine by doing it weekly and bi-weekly.

Clean the Belt & Lubricate (Quarterly)

Remove the treadmill plug from the socket before starting the maintenance procedure.

The maintenance of a treadmill is very laborious, but it is worth it.

It is necessary to clean the belt and lubricate it between the base and the belt.

Remember not to use household lubricants. The strap uses silicone-based oil, which you have to purchase from the belt manufacturer.

You can also use a lubricant that features a design specifically for this activity.

It is inexpensive and widely available. Read more: What Oil to Use on Treadmills?

Check the Belt (Half-yearly)

In addition to all of the above activities, check to see if the belt is worn, as the strap can last for years if you maintain it properly.

You cannot perform all these tasks with the same frequency when the treadmill is not in use.

Maintenance will ensure you get years of service from the treadmill.

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Treadmill Servicing (Yearly)

It is not advisable to do it yourself, but you should hire a treadmill technician to repair your machine.

A professional inspecting your treadmill can help increase the service life of your device.

They can locate something that you may overlook and advise you on other maintenance tasks.

If you can afford and use the treadmill frequently, it is recommendable to have specialists inspect it annually.

Utilize a Treadmill Mat

Using a mat under the treadmill protects the area around the machine more than the machine itself.

The mat prevents damage to the floor and prevents noise when you place the treadmill on another story floor.

Keeping the carpet in place can also help prevent pet hair and extra dust from accumulating in the machine and make it easier to clean the floor.

Protect Electrical Components

You should regularly check for electrical problems.

If there is any burning smell when using the treadmill, stop using it immediately and remove it from the plug from the socket before looking for a cause.

Never overlook a burning smell, as it can quickly become a fire hazard.

You can also protect the treadmill’s electronic components by connecting them to a surge protector to protect the treadmill from spikes and power outages.

In addition, periodically check the machine’s power cables for damage or signs that they require replacement.

Centre The Belt

Just as car tires need rotation, also, the treadmill belt requires realignment after some time of use.

The treadmill changes naturally due to stretches over time or the way your foot hits the treadmill deck. All you have to do is centre the belt with an Allen key.

All treadmills have holes with an Allen screw at the end of the platform.

By playing with it, you can manipulate the rear roller that holds the belt in place.  Rotate the lock gradually so that you can adjust the strap in small movements. Make sure there is space on both sides of the belt.

Replace The Belt

Whether you buy a giant treadmill for home or a low-quality one, the belt will eventually wear out.

Check the belt for signs of wear at least every three months.

Place your hands under the belt to check that it is worn.

If the belt appears dull and rough, you will have to replace it with a new one.

If you continue using the worn-out belt, the belt roughness will lead to the wearing of the deck more quickly. Although the deck will eventually wear out over time and need replacement, changing the belt will increase its life.


In conclusion, the above maintenance tasks require time and money, but they are crucial to extending the treadmill’s life.

If you buy a high-quality treadmill, which you should be serious about your health, regular maintenance is essential.

If you use the gym treadmills, you have nothing to care about, but it also costs money.

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