What Oil to Use on Treadmills?

What Oil to Use on Treadmills

Regular maintenance of a treadmill is essential to keep it in good shape.

Lubrication is an integral part of treadmill servicing because most fitness machines comprise multiple moving parts, including the belt.

You might have a lubricant at your residence.

But, is it suitable for your treadmill?

Let us discuss.

So, What Oil Should I use to Lubricate My Treadmill?

Silicone oil is the answer.

Most exercise equipment makers advise that you use 100 percent silicone to oil the walking belt on a treadmill. A spray or liquid form of silicone is available.

What happens if you don’t lubricate a treadmill?

If you don’t lubricate your treadmill, it’s likely to get damaged. For example, your belt, deck, and drive motor could wear down over time. Skipping the lubrication will put additional strain on your treadmill and reduce its effectiveness.

Types of Lubrication

WD-40 is a silicone lubricant, which is commonly used by most of us to lubricate metals.

It’s also effective on plastic, vinyl and rubber. The lubrication dries quickly without leaving a staining film. So, it will not attract dirt.

However, there are other options that you can try.

Apart from silicone, there are some other lubricant types, including Teflon, graphite, and grease. All these categories are suitable for a wide range of metals.

But, don’t think that all these are identical. For instance, you cannot use WD-40 silicone on bicycle chains because other lubes are dedicated to such an application—for example, a WD-40 degreaser.

Lubrication for Treadmill Belts

All the treadmills need a silicone-based lubricant, something like Spot On and Prounol. You can try these two options because they are available at a pocket-friendly price tag and are compatible with most treadmills.

However, we suggest that you try a lube that the treadmill manufacturer indicates.

The warranty will be void if you use an incompatible lubricant with your treadmill. If anything goes wrong, the repair person might ask you to pay extra.

So, invest in a lube only after checking its compatibility with your treadmill. Purchase something that can take care of your treadmill, even if it’s comparatively expensive.



How to lubricate a treadmill?

Check the manufacturer’s manual to know the process. Some of the manufacturers recommend that you should lubricate the treadmill after every 100 hours. However, it depends upon the make and model of our running machine.

Loosen the belt. You will find a couple of bolts on the back of the treadmill. These bolts should usually look like an Allen wrench’s head. Loosen these bolts to unfasten the tread belt. Loosen each bolt for ten rotations. Start by doing five spins on each of the bolts. Repeat the previous step. Now you will notice that the belt is loose, and you can get underneath it.

Clean the deck: Take a clean cloth and use it as a rag to clean the treadmill’s deck. Push the fabric through the space between the deck and belt. Hold the cloth on its other side and run it back and forth. Clean the edges as well. Make sure there is no dust.

Lubricate the belt: A compatible lube comes with the treadmill in general. You can also find it on the user’s manual and manufacturer’s website. Apply the lubricant in the middle of your treadmill. It’s better to do it side to side so that the lube can cover the entire width.

Finishing steps: Retighten the belt. Start the treadmill at a slow speed to make sure its belt stays straight. Walk on the straps for 5 minutes. Move your feet from side to side. We suggest that you move at a leisurely and friendly pace.

What can I use to lubricate my treadmill belt?

As we discussed, a treadmill needs silicone lubricant like Spot On and Prounol. You can try other options as well. But only if it’s compatible with your treadmill. Check its user’s guide to know like-minded recommendations.

Can I use olive oil to lubricate my treadmill?

Olive oil is one of the most versatile fluids in our kitchen. However, the treadmill needs a 100 per cent silicone lubricant. Applying the wrong lubes on the treadmill will void its warranty and might cause serious harm to the belt.

Where to buy treadmill lubricant?

You can purchase a treadmill lubricant from a nearby fitness store. Or you can check Amazon for some of the best options available in the UK.

Is there any treadmill lubricant alternative?

You can try powder wax because it’s easy to remove when you want to lubricate the treadmill. But, make sure your treadmill is compatible with this wax. Check the user’s manual. If you have lost It, then contact the manufacturer.

Final talk

Now you can understand that a treadmill will not accept any household lubrication.

Look for the manufacturer’s recommendation on the user’s manual to find the right lube for your running machine. Refer to the included instructional guide to know the proper process to lubricate your treadmill.


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